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SkyShellEx allows to sync any folder to SkyDrive via a simple ShellExtension. The sync option appears on the context menu of folders where applicable.



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Renamesubtitles - Small utility to rename .srt and .sub files to match the movie file.

With this small program it is very easy to rename the subtitles to match the movie files, if they follow the usual episode naming SSxEE, sSSeEE or SEE. The program takes a directory, look for the .avi, .mkv or .mp4. For each file look for a matching subtitle (.srt or .sub), and makes a copy with the name of the movie. For the match the program takes in count ONLY the number of the episode. For this you can have only a TV show in a directory. This utility is completely superseded by

Torrentwatch - Torrent fetching via RSS for the Networked Media Tank

Torrentwatch is a browser based PHP application which assists users with automated downloading of media from RSS and Atom feeds with support for starting items in various Bit Torrent and NZB Clients. It was originally developed for the Networked Media Tank, but can be installed on any Unix variant with php5-cgi and a web server. Looking for New NameTorrent Watch started out as a simple watch folder for the BTPD daemon, but now does much much more. Because of this I am interested in changing the

7ssx - presentation about the various ways to parse XML

presentation about the various ways to parse XML