SharePoint Reporting Services Deployment Utility

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This project provides a sample of how to deploy Reporting Services Reports as a feature within SharePoint. This is built to utilize SSRS in SharePoint Integration Mode.



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Share InfoPath Forms - WSP Solution Deployment and Manage Forms in SharePoint

Share InfoPath Forms Tool helps make those rigid InfoPath forms sharable in SharePoint. Deployment of InfoPath Forms was never an easy task. Unlike the traditional approach of installing as a form template using stsadm commands, this tool packages delivers a WSP easing deployment


Generate html documentation (msdn style) of WSP extracting content and reading manifest, features and all related information. Usefull to document every WSP and to understand what WSP deploy.

WSP Listener

The WSP listener is a windows service application which waits for new WSC and WSP files in a specific folder. If a new WSC and WSP file are added, the WSP Listener will install the new SharePoint solution on the server based on values in de WSC file.

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This project is the modification of the SharePoint 2010 v4.master template to support the HTML5 features in advanced browsers. It will provide a WSP package of the solutions with source to allow modification and deployment of a customized masterpage supporting HTML5.

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Jeśli chcesz pokazać innym gdzie zrobiłeś ciekawe zdjęcie, lub posiadasz telefon z funkcją oznaczania zdjęć współrzędnymi GPS to ta biblioteka jest dla Ciebie. Została ona stworzona z myślą o telefonie iPhone oraz nowych funkcjach iOS4, ale będzie działać również z innymi modelami telefonów oraz aparatów. Funkcje w bibliotece zwracają współrzędne które można użyć z usługą google maps. Twórz statyczne mapy lub dynamiczne. Pokazuj ciekawe miejsca i zachęcaj innych