Analysis Services Views Manager

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Day after day we are working with Cube Browser but when the project or cube designer has closed we lost our query, sometime it takes a long time to reorder again all our dimensions. This add-in is giving us the ability to save personal views and run it as a new request.



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Mondrian is an OLAP (online analytical processing) engine written in Java. It reads from JDBC data sources, aggregates data in a memory cache, and implements the MDX language and the olap4j and XML/A APIs.

Mdx4j - MDX Parser for Java

Provides a MDX query language parser to Java code. Example usage: final String query = "SELECT{} ON COLUMNS FROM CUBE";final MdxParser parser = Mdx4jParserFactory.createMdxParser();final ParseTreeNode tree = parser.parseSelect(query);

MdX Client Adapter

Provides a DbConnectionFactory compliant adapter for the ADOMDX client library.

MDX Parser,Builder,DOM and OLAP visual controls with Writeback for Silverlight

It is component library for OLAP, .NET & Silverlight (C#). * MDX DOM, Parser, Generator, Query Designer * Description of supported MDX Syntax * Dynamic Pivot Grid - Pivot Table with Writeback * OLAP metadata choice controls See also:

Cubebox - OLAP Data Explorer

OLAP Data Explorer written in .net 2.0


Just TechnologyITTA Idea Team Timing Action WhatMDX-Shopping is a simple shopping cart software. WhySomebody may need it. WhoI am I FrontIndex Product List Product Detail Comment CustomerInformation(password, total point) Shopping Cart Order ManagementCustomer Catalog Product Order Weekly Task MDX-Scrum


Query Analysis Services via T-SQL. Execute MDX with more than 8000 characters. Analysis Services temp table. Great alternative to querying cubes with OPENQUERY.


MDX2DAE is a tool for 3D model conversion. It will be able to convert models of the MDX format (used by Blizzard Entertainment) into the open standard COLLADA format. This will enable users to edit the files in 3D software like 3ds Max.

Adomdnet-sample - An ADOMD.Net Sample project

This is a OLAP browser that uses the ADOMD.Net api. It can run MDX commands, browse a cube, and perform various other commands. This project is written in C# and was created for the Boise Code Camp back in 2005. If you have questions about the code you can contact me a chris.brandsma--at--gmailDOTcom