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Related Projects

Stormenginec - JavaScript 3D graphics library

StormEngineC is a javascript 3D graphics library StormEngineC provides the following features: â–º Real-time visualization by WebGL. â–º Sun and spot lights. â–º Shadows and SSAO. â–º Load objects on .obj format and adding physics easy. (JigLibJS2) HOWTODEMOS â–º StormEngineC 1.1 ALPHA WebCL Path Tracing (for now only with webcl nokia extension) (This makes use of the Ray-Triangle function for detecting intersections & locate the UV position of the texture in the triangle) (StormEngineC using HT

Nehonplayground - Nehon's specific development for JMonkey Engine 3

This is my repository of stuffs i develop for JME3 first go check the JMonkeyEngine home page here FilterProcessor2D filtering post processor for JME3 PSSMShadowProcessorParallel Split Shadow Mapping processor for JME3 SSAOFilter/processorScreen Space ambient occlusion filter for JME3 (tested here on sponza) Hooray \\o/ ...and wathever i may want to add in there

Anki-3d-engine - AnKi 3D Engine

(Visit the official dev blog: WARNING: Don't try it to build it from trunk. Since Nov 2011 the engine is in a major overhaul and it fails to compile AnKi is an open source 3D engine build on C++ and OpenGL 3.3 core profile. Some notable features are: Deferred shading renderer Shadow mapping Post processing effects like SSAO and HDR Skeletal animation using GPU hardware (transform feedback) Bullet physics integration Python scripting A short video/demo

Luminance - an o3d application

这个本�是想��在线的场景编辑器的,在o3d的基础上��装了一下,比如camera类能够�作摄�机的视角,这样能够更方便的绘制场景,分多个pass渲染,或者实现post processing(里�已�实现了一些基本本的post processing) ��没有太多的关注场景编辑了,而是去�试了一下deferred shading, ssao这些技术,ssao由于shader指令的�制�能�太好的blur。 模型�文件太大了我就�传了><里�

Swingengine - a cross-platform 3D game engine

Swing Engine Version 1 Source Code: Most of techniques in the engine are mainly based on David Eberly's  Wild Magic 4 open-source code.The author of Swing Engine learned a lot from Eberly's experience of architecture and algorithm. Several  sub-systems are totally new,and others are re-implimented or  re-organized based on Wild Magic 4's sub-systems. Swing Engine Copyright (c) 2007-2010. All Rights Reserved Eberly's permission: GeometricÂ

ofxSSAO - rough ssao shader and fbo

rough ssao shader and fbo

ogre-ssao - SSAO strategies with ogre3D

SSAO strategies with ogre3D

SSAOdemo - OpenGL-based SSAO demo

OpenGL-based SSAO demo

voxel-ssao - Experimental SSAO for voxel.js

Experimental SSAO for voxel.js