phrase - Phrase is an Android string resource templating library

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Phrase is an Android string resource templating library



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Via plugins (but built into the hosted version), WordPress supports “shortcodes�, snippets of code in square brackets which are parsed to provide things like embedded YouTube clips or image galleries. Django has a filter system which is used within templates, but what happens when your users want that same flexibility? This is where django-shortcodes comes in. Built to be pluggable, this reusable app provides a template filter which leverages the shortcode parsers within the “parsers� fo


Scala tool for extracting Japanese phrases out of two files (one containing phrases from T2 and one containing phrases from T1, where T2 is later than T1, T2 and T1 being the same amount of time difference), analyse them using MeCab, store them in Redis, and rank them via Chi-Squared fitness test.