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Platypus Platform: Tools for Scalable Deployment




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Angel-level-editor - a level editor for angel-engine games

This project creates and edits level ini files for angel-engine games. This project is a "game" created in the angel-engine and requires angel-engine to use. The levels created are tile based square pieces. angel-engine can be found at http://code.google.com/p/angel-engine/

Terminatingturmites - Searching for Busy Beaver Turing machines and their higher-dimensional cousins

FeaturesExhaustive search for terminating turmites for a given set of parameters: Number of states Number of colors Maximum movement from the starting point Maximum number of steps Square, hexagonal and triangular grids N-dimensional searching for square/cubic/etc. grids Can search for absolute-movement and relative-movement turmites on square and hex grids Optimization by ignoring duplicate turmites, still lots more to do though. ResultsThis program found many the results collected here: http:/

Sq1-struts2 - Apache Struts 2 from Square One (courseware)

This site is not affiliated with the Apache Struts Project or the Apache Software Foundation. Apache Struts is the world's most popular framework for creating Java web applications. 'Apache Struts 2 from Square One' is a training course designed for people who want to create Java web applications, not just quickly, but correctly. Training sessions include a technology primer and a coding exercise. This Project hosts materials used by the course including slide presentations, coding exercises, an

Simple-functional-php - Simplified syntax for some of the functional functions in php.

IntroductionAn experiment with some of the fp (functional programming) style PHP functions. Removes the overhead of using the same create_function() many times and supplies a basic syntax that eliminates the need of callback functions for the following PHP functions: array_reduce() array_map() array_filter() array_walk() Examples<?php// Test data.$array1 = array(1,2,3,4,5);$array2 = array(5,4,3,2,1);// Multiply each value in $array1 with the corresponding value in $array2.var_dump(map($array1, $

Oware-midlet - Oware/Reversi games for J2ME/Java ME/Mobile/Cell phones/Palm OS. Oware is a mancala g

Short SummaryThis is a Reversi/Othello freeware / free game. There is also has a separate Oware game that is checked in that is in a separate program. The Reversi game is on the download page. The reversi game runs on most Java enabled phones including Symbian as well as Palm OS PDAs/Phones with 5.x and IBM WME (see below). See wikipedia.org for rules for Reversi. This should work with most recent devices as they have MIDP 2.0. If it does not work, use the midp10... version which is for older ph

Android-examples - Android Examples

A collection of sample applications on the Android platform: HelloAndroid: Intenttest: An Intent based Activity swithing application. AndroidGL: Animation1: 抖动 Gallery1: Photo Slider Show Grid2: A Picture Grid. ImageSwitcher1: A Photo browser with swither effect. MatrixTest: A matrix based image transformation app. monolithandroid: An OpenGL-ES based Russia square game. Sweep: A rotating colorful circle. Transition3d: View switcher effect. Vertices: Image Operations. CustomTitle: Use sytle/t

complex numbers for Java

This library provides a complex number type that supports arithmetic operations and square root, exponential and logarithm functions. The internal representation of complex numbers is based on a formal sum of real and imaginary parts, and the implementation of arithmetic operations and functions is based on the correct numerical algorithms. Two main components of the library are the Complex and the Expression classes. The Complex class represents a complex number with double-precision real and i

Birpn - BigInteger RPN evaluation in Java

Let's face it: Working with BigInteger in Java is not a great experience. But it's hard to derive a really good DSL considering the harsh syntax limitations of Java. This tiny project allows you to work with BigIntegers in a very concise, but slightly unusual way. If you never heard about "Postfix Notation" or "Reverse Polish Notation", I'd suggest to look up how it works. Say we have a given piece of code dealing with BigIntegers like the following Lucas Lehmer Test (which decides if a Mersenne

Mwavepy - Object oriented microwave engineering.

Deprecation Warning: mwavepy scikit-rfmwavepy is becoming a scikit. This means that this site, and the project named mwavepy is being moved and renamed. mwavepy is being re-named to scikit-rf with an import name of skrf. The code-base has moved to github. --------------> www.scikit-rf.org <--------------Descriptionmwavepy is an object-oriented approach to rf/microwave engineering implemented in the Python programming language. It provides a general set of objects and features which can be used t

Quickscreenshots - QuickScreenShots aims at making and using screenshots as quick and efficient as p

Take screenshots of the full screen, of the active window or of a custom region, apply it effects such as adding a drop down shadow or making it black & white, copy it to the clipboard and save it on disk, only in one step. Then, draw on it if needed. FeaturesFull desktop, active window or custom region screenshot Pixel precise region screenshot with use of magnifying glass and arrow keys Include mouse cursor in screenshots Multi screen capture Delay screenshots Auto save with incremental file n