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SQLite wrapper for WinRT




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Caliburn Micro: WPF, Silverlight, WP7 and WinRT/Metro made easy.

A small, yet powerful framework designed for WPF, Silverlight, WP7 and WinRT/Metro which supports architectures based on MVVM (Presentation Model), MVP and MVC.


Cross-Platform Mvvm Platform for MonoTouch, MonoDroid, WP7 and WinRT. Includes databinding support for Android XML, for MonoTouch XIBs and for MonoTouch.Dialog. The vNext branch is now live!

WinRT PathTextBlock

WinRT PathTextBlock is a control that overcomes some of the limitations in the built in WinRT TextBlock, such as not being able to outline the text, and not being able to distort the text, for example to draw it along a circle. Previously, you could use a tool like Expressi...

WinRT XAML Toolkit

A set of controls, extensions and helper classes for Windows Runtime XAML applications.


This project is a demonstration of how to accomplish common tasks using WinRT XAML on Windows 8. This project is, basically, sample code used by Jerry Nixon.


MyToolkit is a collection of useful classes for WinRT, Windows Phone, Silverlight and WPF. These classes have been developed or collected by Rico Suter.

Catel - application development platform with MVVM support (WPF, SL, WP, WinRT)

Catel is an application development platform with the focus on MVVM (WPF, SL, WP and WinRT) and MVC (ASP.NET MVC 4).

HDK - WinRT MVVM and MEF Friendly Prism Framework port

HDK - is a "spare-time" framework for WinRT development. Solution consists of: - MVVM - Event Aggregator - PRISM - other useful extensions

nRoute Framework

nRoute is a composite application framework for creating navigation driven applications in Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone, and WinRT.


Converters for WinRT