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The SQL Server Scripts project is dedicated to supplying high quality scripts to help with the maintenance and development of SQL Server in every environment.




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ExportSQLScript - Export MS SQL 2008R2/2008/2005/2000 objects to script

Command line driven utility to export MS SQL objects to script files suitable for database creation and revision control. Uses 2008R2 Server Management Objects (SMO) which are compatible with SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2.

Jammit - Fast audio file player/manager in U++/C++ for Ubuntu 10.10 (64-bit)

Initial ReasoningTired of the slowness and issues with iTunes and Media Player, and bugs in Rhythmbox, and slowness in Amarok, I have created my own player built of opensource tech. Focusing on responsiveness and scalability I have already met some of my goals: No delay play/pause/next/stop/exit/startup/search. I can rapidly browse and select from 70K audio files. DetailsTools used: PostgreSQL 8.4, U++ IDE 2070, Visual Studio 2010 RC, taglib, and FMOD. Update: Dec 10,2010: Postgre 9.0.1, U++ IDE

SqlHarvester Database Scripting Engine

SqlHarvester is a free command-line based scripting engine written in .Net. It enables the import/export of database content across disconnected Sql Server databases.

SQL Database script generation for Visual Studio 2008

This project host a Visual Studio Add-In for creating schema scripts, stored procedures and views from SQL Server. Basically, with a couple of clicks you can generate all your tables, stored procedures, and views as individual scripts with DROP/Add statements for foreign keys...

SQL Script Runner

SQL Script Runner is a lightweight program that can be used to quickly run multiple SQL scripts against a database. If you have all of your Stored Procedures, UDFs, Tables, Changescripts, etc. stored in individual files (e.g. for source control) you can use this to quickly ru...

Wishjob - The project

-Jobonline -----------------------------------------> distribution root directory jobonline.war -----------------------------------> war file -docs ------------------------------------------> directory for documents +javadocs -----------------------------------> subdirectory for java docs +junit ---------------------------------------> subdirectory for unit test reports User_Guide_V1.0.html --------------------> user guide Install_Instructions_V1.0.html ----------> deployment instructions Functi

SQL-Script - Release history of SQL-Script

Release history of SQL-Script