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Yaco-ssp-modules - SimpleSAMLphp modules created by Yaco

We've movedWe have moved this projec to the Rediris Forja. Check the wiki page there for more information. Sorry for any inconvenience. We've kept this project here because some modules don't make sense in the Forja. OverviewCurrently the available modules are: sqlauth: Based on the existing sqlauth module. Add an encrypt param to sqlauth:SQL to encrypt the password. Its posible to encrypt the password in the sql-query but sometimes fail (example: pgsql not allow the sha1() function). So now php

Awsomecms - Simple and clean open source CMS

AWSOMEcms is a CMS created for the web-designer rather then the end user. This translates as the way the CMS is made, it is essentially a large wrapper around smarty and thus focuses on templates and extending smarty. Using PHP5 and an OOP approach, the code is fast, stable, easy to maintain but also very extendible. Because everything is made with the designer in mind, this means that most of the things you show on your site are either templates or well formatted html elements ready to be style

Camelot SharePoint SQL Commander Web Part

The Camelot SharePoint SQL Commander Web Part is a simple yet powerful sql-query browser for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

mdb SQL client

A small .NET application that allows you to connect to the Microsoft Access database files (*. mdb) and execute SQL-queries to them. More information in russian can be fount here - http://2lx.ru/2009/02/mdb-sql-client/

Cvphplib - A php library suiting my personal needs

AboutThis library started in the Summer of 2008 and is still in an early stage. This library has two aims. Firstly, it bundles small and simple re-usable functions that I use regularly, such as functions to work on 2-dimensional arrays. Secondly, it features new solutions to more complex but common problems, that other libraries or frameworks did not solve in a way I was looking for. Part of this library may depend on the Zend Framework. This library uses simpletest for unit testing. ComponentsO

Db4o-groovy - groovy integration support for db4o

This project provides utilities for groovy to access db4o databases. Features provided in V0.1 Db4oBuilder: a groovy based DSL for accessing db4o database Db4oGroovyShell and Db4oQueryGroovyShell: db4o aware extensions of the groovy shell Db4oBuilder is supposed to be used by groovy based scripts or programs to access db4o database. It builds on the builder concept of groovy to provide a DSL. Although the db4o provides a very simple API, the Db4oBuilder provides an alternative way of access in G

Syncdbs - A util for keeping multiple databases up to date

Sync SQL-queries on multiple database schemas. Keep tables, fields and their data up to date. For example, if you have a developer database, a test database and a production database with same content and they need to be in sync. Version History Ver. 0.1 First version - proof of concept. Supports configuration files. Ver. 0.2 Ability to replay sql-files (-r) ---- Future features -Replay queries to one db, to another (or many) -Graphical interface -Ability to compare result sets among dbs -Use on

Scehistorico - Componente de Histórico de DataSet para 3Camadas em Delphi

#SCEHistorico. IntroduçãoEstou disponibilizando um componente que eu criei para fazer o LOG das mudanças em qualquer tabela do sistema. Mostra o "Usuário", "Tabela" e o que aconteceu com ela, salvando o DELTA do ClientDataSet para a verificação. DetalhesO componente funciona com 3Camadas ou simulando com o LocalConnection, pois faz as ligações nos DataSetProviders que vc quiser logar. Se vc separa sua aplicação em "RDM" por exemplo, onde estarão todas as suas queries "SQLQuerys" e "DM

Ogsadai-wf-vis - Visual Workflow Editor for OGSA-DAI

The OGSA-DAI project provides Web Service based access to structured data and provides the base capabilities to build higher level functionality such as distributed query processing. An OGSA-DAI service has a number of activities, basic units of functionality, that may be chained together to form a workflow that operates at a given service. Data is streamed through the workflow acted on by these activities. Typically a workflow will follow a Query-Transform-Deliver pattern but the activity combi

Novelhibernate - An enhanced plug-in for Hibernate and other ORM frameworks

Hibernate does perfectly in terms of ORM problem, however the lack of performance is always its bottleneck. This project aims to upgrade the performance of Hibernate, without dropping any of the benefits it provides for ORM (even improve transparency), by hacking into it and add some part with jdbctemplate-like functions to support more efficient SQL (e.g. join statement after select/project ... etc.) . (Note this project is based on JDBC but it does not aim to provide redundant functions compar