SQL Perfmon Analyzer

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A graphical display of relogged perfmon files. PAL does a good job but it takes a while and you and up with a huge report. The standard Perfmon interface tends to be messy when many counters are involved. Thats why I choose the dashboard interface.




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A jacked up perfmon tool

Benchmark4j - Benchmarking for Java

Java (and UNIX) has for a long time lacked the equivalent (for the most part) of Windows perfmon. While perfmon was by no means perfect the goals were admirable. Developers could export simple statistics from their application and perfmon could introspect the values and graph them. With commons benchmark we provide similar functionality by allowing developers to export statistics and then tool developers can write frontends to monitor application performance. This code started off in the Apache


PerfMon is a simple but very usable performance monitoring tool for network elements like routers and switches. It's high performance polling enigne uses very little cpu processing and can handle multiple unreachable elements without locking up.

Quick Performance Monitor

This small utility helps to monitor performance counters without using the full blown perfmon tool from Windows. It supports a number of command line parameters and can be launched from batch files, shortcuts or (from version 1.4) preset qpmset files.

Perfmong - Minimalistic performance monitoring tool which sits on your desktop.

What is it?PerfMonG is a minimalistic performance monitor tool for Windows written in C#. It will sit on your desktop and display information such as CPU speed, free RAM, uptime and etc. The positioning of the tool, opacity and colors are configurable. This project aims to provide a small and simple to use application with functionality similar to Samurize or Linux/Unix based GKrellM. PerfMonG is much simpler, requires no configuration and is ready to use in seconds. RequirementsYou will need .N

Seeker-thermal-pmu - A Full system Thermal and Performance profiler

This is a full system Performance and Thermal profiling tool mainly for the Intel Core Micro-architecture but can be easily extended to other architectures. (Basic support for the AMD Opteron is also provided - Minus the temperature and PMU interrupt support) AbstractThere is an abundance of software out there to access the hardware performance counters. Namely, perfctr+PAPI, perfmon2, Vtune(Intel Trademark), Oprofile etc. Very few of them provide sampling features and even few can do full syste