CLR no SQL Server 2008

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Este projeto exemplifica como utilizar CLR no SQL Server 2008.



Related Projects


A compilation project where any useful code I write or find will be incorporated. Currently it has some extension methods and unit testing. Why is this project called pickle? Because my last name is Dill! Please visit my blog @

Mssqlspatial - MsSqlSpatial - Spatial Extensions for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

This project conforms to OGC Simple Features Specification For SQL Revision 1.1 and provides many useful features to power your GIS application. Currently based in code from NetTopologySuite and SharpMap projects.

SQL Server File System Tools

This is a collection of file system tools implemented as SQL CLR assemblies. Includes, Storing files in database raw, encrypted or compressed. Extracting said files back to disk or as record set, if Extracted compressed it is a zip file that any tool/windows can open, and more!

Fotia SQLCLR Library

The Fotia SQLCLR library contains indispensable SQL Server 2008 user-defined functions and aggregates written in C#.

Catfax - SQL to Azure via SQL-CLR and WCF

The catfax project is a demonstration of moving SQL data to and from the cloud using SQL CLR, Azure WCF and Azure Storage

Manipulating SharePoint List Data with SQLCLR

Basically there are two SQLCLR Stored Procedures contained in the solution - InsertListItems and UpdateListItems. As the name implies, InsertListItems can be used to create Sharepoint list items base on a table/view data and UpdataListItems does the updating.

SQL Iterators - Making the life of the DBA that much easier

There are several undocumented stored procedures that many DBAs rely on to do their day to day work - namely sp_MSForEachDatabase and sp_MSForEachTable. This project is a SQL-CLR assembly that provides equivalent functionality to those two stored procedures.

Twisql - Light weight twitter client for SQL Server.

Allows SQL Server to post messages on Twitter. This is very early. The assembly password is "sqlclrrocks". This is a signed CLR assembly, for your security pleasure. The steps to install a signed SQL CLR assembly are described here:

Sqlclrdataaudit - A generic audit trigger with SQL 2005 CLR

Inspired by an article written by David Ziffer on SqlJunkies and subsequently on SQL Server Central. Similar solution published here:

log4sql - SQL-CLR wrapper around log4net

SQL-CLR wrapper around log4net