SQL Azure .NET Connection

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This is a demo application that shows how to connect with SQL Azure




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Project Niagara

An alternative way to supply validation metadata for use in Silverlight projects. Secondary goal of the project is to provide Validation services to ADO.NET Data Services and Web Services to provide parity with RIA Services.

Wcfsef - WCF Scalable Entity Framework

The intention of the project is provide a good architecture and some basic entity's functionallity to fastly create WCF services based on LINQ and DataSets.

Odatasource - DataSource for WCF Data Services

This project is a datasource ASP.Net server control that's capable of binding to WCF Data Service (OData). Unlike LinqDataSource, ODataSource supports insert, edit and delete operations.

HotSpot - spot the right hotel for you

HotSpot is our Windows Azure application, designed and implemented for a student competition organized by BEST Timisoara (Romania) and Microsoft Romania.

Transfer gigantic DataTables over WCF / .Net Remoting

Capacity improvements package for .NET Remoting / WCF This solution deals with transferring huge DataTables over WCF and .NET Remoting. Imagine an online casino, needing to clear transactions at end of day. The clearing service needs to collect transaction data from the dat...

RIA Services DataFilter Control for Silverlight

This RIA Services DataFilter is Silverlight control that designed for Filtering/Sorting/Grouping the Data using DomainDataSource from a kit of pattern NET/WCF RIA Services.

Projet-dad-groupe42 - Projet de développement d'applications distribuées du groupe 42

Dans le cadre du projet DAD 2011. Utilisation de WCF Data Services, WF, WPF et Silverlight.

Wcfservicetutor - Sample code to demo how to use WCF service, WCF Data Service and RIA Service

Microsoft release several web service technologies such as: 1- ASP.net Web Service 2- WCF Web Service 3- WCF Data Service (before it was ADO.net Data Service aka Astoria) 4- WCF RIA Service (before it was Silverlight RIA Service) In this open project I share different example how to use these services in different types of projects: Console, WPF, SilverLight, Windows Form, ASP.net MVC.... To use this sample, you need to download Chinook database sample from CodePlex. http://chinookdatabase.codep

Ysislmap - Siebel Documnet Repository

Silvelight Render for Geometry Data,My task is get Geometry data from database , and make use of WCF contract to publish data service