SPSS & PSPP file library

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Library for importing SPSS (now called PASW) & PSPP .sav datafiles, developed in C#. Support for writing and SPSS portable-files will be implemented in a later release.




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SalStat Statistics Package

SalStat is a small application for statistical analysis emphasising the sciences and social sciences (particularly Psychology). The project is designed around the user interface which has been designed to be simple to use. Think SPSS, but better!

SPSS .NET interop library

A .NET library for read/writing SPSS Data (.sav) files. This wraps the functionality exposed by the spssio32.dll native library that comes with SPSS.

Djmixed - a python extension for spss to facilitate the use of mixed models

updated 29 Aug 2011 IntroductionThis is a python extension for SPSS to facilitate the use of mixed models. Mixed models are powerful, modern regression models that can handle multiple random effects (random factors) in one model. They are therefore a natural solution to a common problem in the psychology of language (psycholinguistics): How to analyse data which has a random effect for participants (subjects) and a random effect for items (words)? A paper on this extension has been published in

Hcyahoo - spss learning

this is a spss project.

Myspssfactory - My SPSS Factory

Snippet manager and directory for SPSS

Wangli12a - spss learning

this is a spss learn project.

Social-clusters - Explorations on social clustering.

This project aims to explore methods for social clustering analysis and visualization. The initial goal is to move from direct social connection (friendship) to dynamic communication based clustering.

Practicas-spss - Prácticas de estadística con SPSS

Prácticas de estadística con SPSS para cursos de introducción a la estadística.

Kobo - The KoBo project of the assists researchers in collecting secure and accurate data in challen

The KoBo Project data collection methodology uses hardware and software technologies to enable researchers (and others) collecting, collating, and presenting information. The basic principles are ease of use, flexibility, and openness to development. IntroductionThe KoBo project assists researchers in collecting secure and accurate data in challenging environments Data CollectionWe provide several tools for data collection. KoBoCollectBuilt on the Open Data Kit, KoBo allows users to administer s

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