spring-cloud-config - External configuration (server and client) for Spring Cloud

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External configuration (server and client) for Spring Cloud




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Spring-zohoreport - Zoho Report Java client libraries integration with the Spring framework

Project aims at simplifying the use of the Zoho Report Java client libraries and wrap the client configuration with the Spring framework bean configuration. So far, only Zoho Report client libraries can SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE datas whereas Zoho CloudSQL (so JDBC driver) is limited to SELECT. This project uses Spring IOC container to manage Zoho Report client as a bean. ZohoReportClientWrapper rc = (ZohoReportClientWrapper) ctx.getBean("zohoClient");rc.login();rc.addRow("sampleTable",

Netflexity-amazonws-simpledb - SOAP-based Amazon AWS SimpleDB API for Java

Another Amazon AWS SimpleDB wrapper?Yes, this is yet another wrapper for Amazon SimpleDB. First of all, despite the REST hype, I still see SOAP + WS standards as a much more mature platform for enterprise development. Second, there needs to be an authority that keeps APIs in synch with latest Amazon AWS WSDLs. I would like to utilize my development team to help become such an authority, hopefully with your help. And by help I mean user community. Please use this API if you like it or not ;) Sinc

Simpledb-orm - Amazon SimpleDB simple Java ORM framework for Hibernate developers

This project has been renamed. Please visit us here SimpleDB ORM. Another ORM for SimpleDB?This is a simple java-based object-relational mapping (ORM) framework, targeting people who used to develop against Hibernate ORM. Knowledge of Hibernate is not required, but will definitely help. What is wrong with simplejpa? Nothing wrong, it is a great project and please check it out. I am not a fan of JPA and my goal was to make this as light as possible with as less dependencies as possible. This fram

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