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Integration with Zookeeper and Spring Cloud: clustering concerns, like leadership election and consistent key value store




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Sensei-search - distributed elastic realtime search engine

We have moved: http://senseidb.comSensei issue tracking has been moved to: http://linkedin.jira.com/browse/SENSEISensei Wiki has been moved to:http://linkedin.jira.com/wiki/display/SENSEI/Homesource control has been moved to github.com: http://github.com/javasoze/senseidistributed elastic realtime search engine: realtime indexing/search cluster management automatic and configuration data partitioning support for structured and faceted search requirements: java 1.6 or higher zookeeper 3.2+ http:/

Tomcat-lsd - Tomcat template for Large Scale Deployments

WARNING : this site is not about LSD drug :) This project is a packaged installation of Apache Tomcat useful if you need to deal with a lot of Tomcat instances. It is based on a Filip Hanik recommendations (http://www.springsource.com/files/uploads/tomcat/tomcatx-large-scale-deployments.pdf) THIS IS NOT a modified version of Tomcat. I guarantee that the Tomcat is original. Why you need it : because you have many apps, you want to separate them and you want to have one app per tomcat (which is ea

Flowable - The Java BPM Engine

Flowable is a compact and highly efficient workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) platform for developers, system admins and business users. It is lightning fast, tried and tested BPMN 2 process engine. It can run embedded in a Java application, or as a service on a server, a cluster, and in the cloud. It integrates perfectly with Spring. With a rich Java and REST API, it is the ideal engine for orchestrating human or system activities.

Activiti - BPMN 2.0 Platform

Activiti is a light-weight workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) Platform targeted at business people, developers and system admins. Its core is a super-fast and rock-solid BPMN 2 process engine for Java. It's open-source and distributed under the Apache license. Activiti runs in any Java application, on a server, on a cluster or in the cloud. It integrates perfectly with Spring, it is extremely lightweight and based on simple concepts.