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Common build concerns, shared plugin configuration, etc. for Spring Cloud modules




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Wavemaker - Open source Cloud Development Platform - WaveMaker

WaveMaker is a WYSIWYG development platform for building Web and Cloud applications - think MS Access for cloud computing! Wavemaker makes it easy for anyone to build great-looking, standards-based web and cloud applications. WaveMaker is backed by a 15,000-strong developer community and is an IBM Advanced Partner for Cloud Computing. No lock-in, ever! WaveMaker is the only open-source open cloud development platform. Learn Java in 2 weeks, not 2 years! WaveMaker's drag & drop development studio

Antoms - eCommerce, Catalog, Order and Inventory Management System

AnT OMSThis is a project that is serving following purposes for me. Spring-Hibernate-Maven-JavaEE practice Free eCommerce application, hosted on Google App Engine/Google Apps/Marketplace Idea is simple. Use free and open source technologies. Grow you own knowledge. Build something in process to help others. This project can be used in a private network or on cloud. Most of the requirements will come from execs of AnT (Yes! its a real company with real people, doing this work manually or via soci

Spring-zohoreport - Zoho Report Java client libraries integration with the Spring framework

Project aims at simplifying the use of the Zoho Report Java client libraries and wrap the client configuration with the Spring framework bean configuration. So far, only Zoho Report client libraries can SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE datas whereas Zoho CloudSQL (so JDBC driver) is limited to SELECT. This project uses Spring IOC container to manage Zoho Report client as a bean. ZohoReportClientWrapper rc = (ZohoReportClientWrapper) ctx.getBean("zohoClient");rc.login();rc.addRow("sampleTable",

Athena-framework - Athena Framework - open source agile Java ORM with native support for multitenanc

Athena Framework - an open source agile Java ORM with native support for multitenancy and transparent object remoting for Flex/Flash/AIR. Athena Framework for JavaAthena Framework is a full fledged enterprise object-relational mapping (ORM) framework that employs metadata as mapping configuration. It greatly simplifies Java web application development by removing the requirement of manual mapping and manual database schema updating. In addition to features like Java object persistence, powerful

Ddd-cqrs-sample - Domain Driven Design & Command-query Responsibility Segregation sample project

Another DDD and CqRS Sample?Primary goals of this project are the following: presenting sample implementation of all DDD Building Blocks and techniques - no technical compromises, real world problems and solutions presenting pragmatic approach to the CqRS architecture - a kind of "portable architecture" that can be implemented in any technology providing well crafted code, ready to be utilized in production Secondary goals: presenting development process techniques: Behavior Driven Development p

Simpledb-orm - Amazon SimpleDB simple Java ORM framework for Hibernate developers

This project has been renamed. Please visit us here SimpleDB ORM. Another ORM for SimpleDB?This is a simple java-based object-relational mapping (ORM) framework, targeting people who used to develop against Hibernate ORM. Knowledge of Hibernate is not required, but will definitely help. What is wrong with simplejpa? Nothing wrong, it is a great project and please check it out. I am not a fan of JPA and my goal was to make this as light as possible with as less dependencies as possible. This fram

Pdf-services - Simple web based services for PDF conversion, generation online

This project aims to provide free WEB APIs for pdf conversion/creation using existing open source Java APIs like pdfbox and itext. The services planned are: PDF 2 text conversion online. PDF generation from text online. Converting file type like MS word, excel, etc to PDF online. -- The hard bit is that google cloud doesnt support disk based file storage from web application and the micro$oft components. One has to rely on pure java implementation hence. Converting PDF to image, word,etc Generat

Share-extras - A collection of add-ons for Alfresco Share

Share Extras provides a collection of easy-to-install add-ons for Alfresco Share 3.3 and 3.4, providing custom dashlets, document actions and more. DashletsTag Cloud Dashlet | Site Blog Dashlet | Site Poll Dashlet | Site Geotagged Content Dashlet | Twitter Dashlets | BBC Weather Dashlet | Notice Dashlet | Google Site News Dashlet | Flickr Dashlets | Train Times Dashlet | iCal Feed Dashlet | Video Preview | My Expired Content | Audit Dashlet | SurveyMonkey Dashlet ThemesRed Theme Document Library

nanotrader-OLD - Demonstrates best practices for building cloud-enabled applications with Spring

Demonstrates best practices for building cloud-enabled applications with Spring


Roostrap is a proven rapid application framework compilation built by putting together Spring Roo, Twitter Bootstrap and Google AppEngine libraries that allows developers to build and deploy high performance gorgeous cloud based Java applications in minutes!