Sharepoint QuotaCheck Webpart

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A Sharepoint webpart wich shows a progressbar with the current percent usage from the maximum quota. Also shows the warning, max quota and the current usage in MB. Change color if the warning quota is reached.



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Bowlfish was the pioneer portuguese eMule MOD client that allowed the major portuguese ISP's clients to circunvent the download quotas imposed by such ISP.


Worldforge is a project aimed at developing quot;A Complete Gaming System for Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying.quot; More information is available at .


A script that can read the webpages for the web quota monitors made available by ISP's. These pages can contain both the actual status, and the status since the last reset. It supports Telenet, Dommel, Skynet, Scarlet, EDPNet, Mobile Vikings and UPC CZ

dktools - Dirk Krauses tools

A set of command line tools for advanced users and administrators. Graphics conversion (PNG/TIFF/JPEG to PS/EPS/PDF, Fig to PS/EPS/PGF/PDF+TeX/EPS+TeX/SVG), administration tools (create configuration and documentation from database), printing tools (print quota enforcement, send file to Windows print queue, Windows print queue cleanup, LPRng queue cleanup), developer tool (tracing and debugging, wxWidgets GUI code generation, state machine code generation), networking tool (send data strea


SImple, powerful audio tagger for GNU/Linux

IP over Semaphore Flag Signals

ip-sfs is a reference implementation for the RFC-4824 quot;A Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams over Semaphore Flag Signalling Systemquot;


TwiggiBot can generate stadistics, stores channel logs,coordinates/perfoms a trivial and other many utilities. TwiggiBot can save quite a lot of manual work or can collaborate in several tasks, in short, it could be termed quot;a butlerquot;.

Corporate Bullshit Generator

The Corporate Bullshit Generator is a random text generator that is focused on corporate bullshit, producing 400 pages/sec of sentences like quot;A balanced efficiency drives the enablers within the industryquot;, as meaningless as those from real people.

SharePoint Manager 2013

The SharePoint Manager 2013 is a SharePoint object model explorer. It enables you to browse every site on the local farm and view every property.