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SharePoint CAML Extensions



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Spsql - jQuery plugin to get Sharepoint's list items using SQL queries

A new way to get items from Sharepoint listsThe SPSql is a new way to get Sharepoint list items from Javascript using SQL queries. The result is an array and you can do anything with then (e.g generate charts, calculate data) It uses Lists.asmx web services. Getting StartedThe library can be implemented by adding a reference to it into a single page, a page layout, or a master page, depending upon your desired scope of use. The library requires v.1.3.2 of the jQuery library, v.0.4.2 of the SPSer


Calm makes it easier for SharePonint developers to build SpQuery queries in amore expressive manner. You'll no longer have to concatenate strings to get it done. It's developed in C#.