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Sports league management system.



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St2funbeat - Plugin to SportsTracks that exports to training site

The project develops a pluging to training diary software SportsTrack developed by Zone Five Software, that exports excercise data to swedish online training diary

Sonicread - Read acoustic SonicLink data sent by Polar heart rate monitors

SonicReadSonicRead is a java program that helps you to read the acoustic data sent by a Polar S410, S510 or a S520 heart rate monitor. SonicRead spits out raw data to a file in hsr format. You can use SportsTracker (version 3.6.1 or higher) to view the hsr data and store it in your sporting activities database. News2009/01/03 Version 2.0 - Released GUI version of SonicRead 2009/08/29 Version 2.1 - More robust SonicLink algorithm CreditsThanks to Tomás Oliveira e Silva for his time spent on deco

Sports-score-tracker - A web application for checking sports scores with custom team support.

Sports Score Tracker at a glance The Sports Score Tracker is designed to function as a web-based application. Initially, the tracker will only provide data for the National Basketball Association (via input from the administrator). This data includes a full daily schedule, as well as division, conference, and league standings. Users will be able to click on individual games, and follow the score real-time.Within the in-depth view of an individual game, users will also be able to post comments on

Cycling-data-view - A simple application to visualise cycling data logged from Garmin devices.

RideViewer This is a lightweight, simple application to view data logged from Garmin devices (.fit and .tcx files). Google Map view, data graphs, statistics, totals etc. A simple alternative to GoldenCheetah and SportsTracks, and many many times better than GarminTrainingCenter. Offline alternative to and Garmin Connect. The aim of this application is to present as much information in the simplest possible way. It is a visualisation tool only. Version 1.2 released!! See ReleaseNote

Polarhrm - get data out of polar watches linux

#here is the stating point. current issuesrcx5: get the driver working correctly (pairing, commands ...) get session (how to stick the packets together) accessing the usb system as normal user instead of root user. create a udev rule see README parse raw session data (some help would be fine :-) parse hr values correctly (sample file: dump hrm output) rs800cx: samples with S3 Foodpod and Cycling gear are needed. find more data in raw sessions (I don t find more) s625x: samples with Cycling gear

SportsTracker - ESPN SportsTracker Application

ESPN SportsTracker Application