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3D UI and AR project




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Related Projects

QVision: Computer Vision Library for Qt

Computer vision and image processing library for Qt.


An Objective-C augmented reality kit for iPhone.


mixare (mix Augmented Reality Engine) is a free open source augmented reality browser, which is published under the GPLv3.


The Augmented Reality Tool Kit (ARToolKit) captures images from video sources, optically tracks markers in the images, and composites them with computer-generated content using OpenGL. Dual-licensed, under the GPL, plus commercially by ARToolworks, Inc.

Fast-food-reality-android10org - A Simple fast food finder with Augmented Reality

Android application with Augmented Reality.You can find the most important restaurants by map and augmented reality (based on Mixare Augemented Reality engine) It is under GPLv3 Licence. http://www.android10.org/

SLARToolkit - Silverlight and Windows Phone Augmented Reality Toolkit

SLARToolkit is a flexible Augmented Reality library for Silverlight and Windows Phone with the aim to make real time Augmented Reality applications with Silverlight as easy and fast as possible. SLARToolkit is based on the established NyARToolkit and ARToolkit.

Aigamezeal - zeal- augmented reality 3d rts

a 3d rts based augmented reality game, where the player can watch models on the computer screen while playing on a table-top

Libvx - Video Extractor

Video Extractor is a simple C library for capturing live video data for the purpose of Augmented Reality.