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Just a place to put my spikes. The good ones will end up in libraries and/or writeups. The bad and the ugly will end up deleted.




Related Projects

Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow is a free libre puzzle/platform game in which you try to reach the exit by solving puzzles. Spikes, moving blocks, fragile blocks and much more stand between you and the exit. Record your moves and let your shadow mimic them to reach blocks you couldn't reach alone. Play through over 40 levels and use the built-in leveleditor to make your own.


TrackSpikes is a small cross-platform application to assist with managing and scoring track and field meets. Teams, events, and scoring are all customizable. The program produces results reports for events and team standings.


NeuroScope is an advanced viewer for electrophysiological and behavioral data (with limited editing capabilities): it can display local field potentials (EEG), neuronal spikes, behavioral events, and the position of the animal in the environment.

KlustaKwik spike sorting

KlustaKwik is an open-source C++ and Java program for automatic clustering of continuous data into a mixture of Gaussians. The program was originally developed for sorting of neuronal action potentials, but can be applied to any sort of data. NOTE (25/04/12): For those interested in trying the new masked version of KlustaKwik designed for large dense electrode array, download KlustaKwik3.0.1 in the maskedKlustaKwik folder. UPDATE (04/07/12): Bugs have been fixed in the new masked version o

Spikingcortex - Spiking neuron model implementation for .Net

Experimental spiking neural networks in .Net

Javascript-stdp - spike timing dependent plasticity

A JavaScript implementation of a Spiking Neural Network with hopes of plasticity.

Osdezwart - Olle de Zwart sample code

The project hosts sample code and spikes. (inspired by Eric Hexter)