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Software de indexação, localização avançada e extremamente rápida, de arquivos com conteúdo no formato texto. O SpeedSearch utliza Lucene.Net.




Related Projects

Hickwall-analyzer - Chinese Segmentation Base On Apache Lucene Analyzer

The rapid expansion of internet information has made means of effective access to information become necessary, and the search engine is the one of them. Segmentation system, which is a very important part of the search engine, is primarily responsible for dividing the text into words, building index on the handled information and saving to the database. It is due to the index established on the text after segmentation, when users is using such as Baidu (www.baidu.com), Google (www.google.cn) an

Verymatch - a Chinese fulltext search system

This is a small application (or may be a toolkit in the future) developed by Chuan Shi from Tsinghua University. You can use it to search Chinese key words in plaintext files(coded in GBK only) under the directory you set. You can search based on Chinese character(two ways offered:linear and inverted index) or Chinese term(only inverted index way offered). Model: Classical Vector Space Model. Weight computation: TF*IDF. Automatic Chinese terms segmentation method: Foward Maximum Match Method. Th

Rosetta Engine

Rosetta is a full text engine entirely written in C++ with dotnet binding. It will provide same functionnaly than lucene with more flexibility, speed and scale up.

Jcbir - Java Content Based Image Retrieval (cbir)

JCBIR is a Content Based Image Retrieval System using Wavelet Transform and K-Means Clustering developed in Java. JCBIR have developed as a Final Project in Information Retrieval Lecture at Institute Technology of Sepuluh Nopember Algorithms of this application based on this paper (1) , but we've added K-Means for clustering with euclidean distance to improve query speed. Dataset for evaluation has been taken from http://wang.ist.psu.edu/docs/related/. (1) Latha, Jinaga. Content Based Color Imag

Stretch - Set of java utilities for fetching and searching the web

Set of java utilities for fetching and searching content from web. Currently nothing is released, there is a bunch of code in svn for you to take a look at, just remember that that everything is still forming and lot of changes are expected. The fetcher component is implemented with minimal dependencies (currently only jdk1.6+, log4j) and the goal is to implement an efficient and scalable way to fetch content from known locations. News 2009-04-15 Worked with configurator for UrlFilters 2009-02-2

Searchenginetests - Code and data for performing comparative performance tests on search engines.

This project contains code for performing comparative tests of the performance of search engines. Currently, the code covers Xapian and Lucene and only compares the speed of the engines (the quality of the results is not checked). The initial data is a selection of articles from Wikipedia. We'd welcome collaboration and contributions from others, please get in touch if you would like to help!