C++ Sparse Matrix Package

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This is a package containing sparse matrix operations like multiplication, addition, Cholesky and LDLT decompositions, inversions, equation solving and so on. It is a simple, easy to use, single-file C++ project, which does not have any external dependencies.




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Svmclasstoolbox - SVM Classification Toolbox for Matlab

Provides pre-compiled MEX functions that wrap around the libsvm C library. Many enhancement are applied to the C version of the library to speed up Matlab usage. 64-bit only. Functions allow the following processes: 1. Read sparse-matrix data files. 2. Write sparse-matrix data files. 3. Train SVM with normalized class-probabilities. 4. Test SVM with confidence score.

Cusp-benchmark - CUSP and Spasr Matrix Formats

Introduction This small benchmark is developed to measure the performance for iterative solvers with different Sparse Matrix Storage Schemes. Details This benchmark can measure the performance of CUSP iterative solvers with sparse matrix formats like CSR, ELL, DIA, HYB and COO. Also, we can measure the cost of converting these different sparse matrix formats to each other from host to device.

SparseMatrix - SparseMatrix implementation in java

SparseMatrix implementation in java

cudaSpmv - CUDA Sparse-Matrix Vector Multiplication, using Sliced Coordinate format

CUDA Sparse-Matrix Vector Multiplication, using Sliced Coordinate format

sparse-matrix - sparse matrix with related numeric algorithms

sparse matrix with related numeric algorithms

sparsematrix - 大型稀疏矩阵类,实现了加法、转置、矩阵乘


Sparsematrix.d - 大型稀疏矩阵类,实现了加法、转置、矩阵乘


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