spaceship cocos2dx demo

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SpaceZero is a RTS 2D space combat, single and multiplayer (two players by now) net game. Your objective is to conquer all space. At the starting point the player owns a spaceship which has landed on a planet. Your first task is to acquire new spaceships and find new planets in the Galaxy.

Really Rather Good Battles In Space

Real time strategy game with fleets of spaceships.


Cross platform Space-based MMORPG: spaceship construction using basic bricks of structural elements with infinity modularity. Space exploration and trading, factory building, spaceship and weapon creation, development of guilds and politics.


A clone of Attack, Retrieve, Capture, the best game of 1997: a top-down 2D capture-the-flag game in which you pilot a small well-armed spaceship!

Gravitron - Spaceship killing game with elements of FPS and capture the flag

Spaceship shooting game in Java, built on Slick and LWJGL. Space ships compete for the control of a black hole with elements of capture the flag.

Spaceshipcollaborative - A suite of scripts

A collection of scripts written while getting Spaceship Collaborative off the ground. Name

Inertial-collector - An SVG based game in outer space

The game consists of picking up items scattered in outer space with a spaceship and following Newton's Laws.

Spaceoddece - You are a captain of a spaceship, defending your lands against marauding invaders.

Every one had played the classic space games of yore. You are a captain of a spaceship, defending your lands against marauding invaders. Get in, kill a bunch of rouges and retire knowing that you made a difference.