Space Invaders

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The classic Space Invaders game written in C#.



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Spaceinvadersjava - Simple game implementing spaceinvaders using java

This project is about a simple implementation of a space invaders clone using java.

Vadorz - an addicting ncurses space-invaders game

vadorz is an addicting ncurses space-invaders game. Gameplay is simple; Arrow keys or WASD or HJKL to move F or Space to fire Z to Mega-Kill P to pause Q to quit. If you get an awesome score, post it in the HighScores! It's very easy to tweak vadorz to your liking (if the defaults don't sit well with you). See the Wiki for a guide. The svn trunk builds have massive improvements and new features, check it out!

Space-invader - jeu shut them up en java

des gens tirent sur d'autres et boum

Space-invaders-classic - A Python implementation of the classic Space Invaders game

An implementation of the classic Space Invaders game, written in Python using the PyGame library. The goal of the project is twofold: 1.) Produce a game that most accurately re-creates the style and feel of the arcade version of Space Invaders 2.) Ensure a high degree of code quality, with respect to design, efficiency, testing and documentation