WPF 2D Space Multiplayer Game

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Simple 2D Space Game with Multiplayer. Game was made using WPF and c#. Network will be realease using udp winSockets and irc protocol.




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http://sjsayers.com/?p=38 This post is a large bulk of the core idea of this game. We discuss a lot on the ##teenlinux channel on the freenode network. However I encourage you to use our new mailing list.

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the game is space war game that allows war and trading in space

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Following the downfall of Lunar Lander as an interesting but shallow game, this is my humble attempt at reviving a decrepit genre that really should lay dead. Ok, you just try to fight gravity and fuel loss while enemies pound your ship with explosions. Dynamic damage modeling means that parts break in a realistic way. -simple mouse only controls -intense gore and exploding biological entities -special xray mode reveals stunning stick-figure skeletons! -last generation 2d sidescroller! -flashy t