SharePoint Google Sync

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Allows you to sync the SharePoint Calendar with your Google Calendar.



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Oauth-gae-3lo-sp - An example implementation of GAE-3LO-SP

An example implementation of OAuth 3-legged Service Provicer on Google App Engine with using simplegeo's python-oauth2.

Cuebox - CueBox is an image gallery viewer heavily based on Slimbox

CueBox is a JavaScript image gallery viewer that overlays images on the current page. Uses MooTools and it has been tested tested on all modern browsers. FeaturesFit-to-window mode, zip download of all images, gallery setup using Lightbox syntax (using rel attribute), open gallery button (for many images), configurable effects... Tested onFirefox 3.0.3 (Linux and Windows XP SP 2) Konqueror 3.5.9 (Linux) Safari 3.1.2 525.21 (Windows XP SP 2) Google Chrome (Windows XP SP2) IE 6.0 SP2 (W

Farnetproclist - FarNet 4.* Process List

Ever since SP2, damn M$ geniuses broke something with WMI so now, no FarManager version is able to display the process list anymore (This is a PITY 'coz once you go bluescreen (tm) you never go back :D ). So here you go, a basic process viewer plugin running under the new FarNet plugin ( Unfortunately Far 2.0 is required as I have no idea how to actually implement this in FarNet 3.. Enjoy. PS: I'll try to release some unofficial build for Far 2.0 as well so you'

Sc2parserape - A Starcraft II replay parser based on phpsc2replay, made in C#

The original parser was ported to .Net using Phalanger. This project is part of Starcraft II Replay Monkey, a replay analyzer tool, available here: Phalanger is no longer required for this application to run, however you DO need the Framework .Net 4.0 available here: and VC++ 2010 SP runtime available here:

Ef-unit-testing - Entity Framework unit testing example

This is an example of using Entity Framework for unit testing. It uses Northwind database (, Entity Framework 1.0 (included into .NET 3.5 SP1) and NUnit ( so make sure you have all of them installed. Also you will need to change the connection string to your database server. All comments to this code can be found at (sorry, in Russ

Starcraft2replaymonkey - A C# / WPF Starcraft II replay organizer

This project uses SC2ParserApe available here: Phalanger is no longer required for this software to run, but you can still have an interested look here: =) However, you DO need the Framework .Net 4.0 available here: and VC++ 2010 SP runtime available here:

Twopageview - Another sequential image viewer

English | TwoPageView -- Another sequential image viewerTwoPageView was originally written to view the PDF image files created by the image scanner (PFU ScanSnap S510) on the sunday afternoon of July 30, 2006 for fun. Now it supports also JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and PNG image format. Animation GIFs are not supported yet. It extracts all images from the specified PDF file or folder and display one at a time or two at a time. Only the PDF files generated by ScanSnap S510 are supported. How to useWind

Cpcrslib - CPC libraries for z88dk

ASM Libraries for CPC under z88dk (and SDCC) News05/21/2012 cpcwyzlib for SDCC released. 11/28/2010 cpcrslib with horizontal scrolling capabilities is uploaded. From now, there will be 2 official libraries: one for scrolling and one for static screen. Although the scrolling one can be used to for static screens, because it has been improved for scrolling, when static using it is a slower than the "standard" one. Horizontal scroll example included. 11/15/2010 Bug in cpc_WyzPlayer corrected. When

Jmemoryeditorw - Java Memory Editor for Windows

IntroductionI created this program to allow myself to hack game memory for cheating purposes - increase money for example. See UserGuide about how to use the program. Originally, I developed a Delphi based solution several years ago, but was a bit feature less for my current need, and as I'm now a Java developer, took the challenge of re-implementing it in Java using the JNA technology. It includes the Java Native Access library from Sun and an earlier version of Google Collections. I think, by

Hp48csharp - CSharp program to emulates the HP48G Calculator (Codename : ARISTON)

By : Paul LorenaObjective: Create a HP48G emulator in CSharp using the TDD (Test Driven Develeopment) methodology. Use best practices for the development, i.e.: design patterns, DOO (Design Object Oriented principles). Technical SpecificationThis project is open source This project is written in CSharp 3.5 (Visual Studio 2008 SP1) There is a subversion repository created to hosted the development(Google code host) , here the link . You can browse the code http: