SharePoint 2010 Poll

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This is a simple user poll web part for SharePoint 2010. Site users can add simple polls and vote. Poll reults are displayed as pie charts.



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Development Status: General availability (Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD/Windows) Intended Audience: Software architects & developers. Platforms: Linux: AMD64, i586, s390 Solaris: AMD64, i586, SPARC64 FreeBSD: AMD64 & i586, Windows: AMD64 & i586 OSX: AMD64 C Compilers: GCC Clang EKOPath Intel C Compiler nee Composer XE MinGW32 on Cygwin, Linux, MSYS MinGW-w64 on Cygwin, Linux Sun ONE Studio nee Oracle Solaris Studio Visual Studio 2008, 2010 Protocol: PGM/IP (IPv4, IPv6) PGM/UDP (IPv4, IPv6) Addressing: I