SharePoint 2010 Education Demo Project

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The SharePoint 2010 Education Demo Project showcases the newest features of SharePoint 2010 using subject matter and use cases that are meaningful to the Education sector.



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Sc2parserape - A Starcraft II replay parser based on phpsc2replay, made in C#

The original parser was ported to .Net using Phalanger. This project is part of Starcraft II Replay Monkey, a replay analyzer tool, available here: Phalanger is no longer required for this application to run, however you DO need the Framework .Net 4.0 available here: and VC++ 2010 SP runtime available here:

SharePoint Home Drive (formely WSS and MOSS Home Drive)

A web part for SP 2007/2010 and other SharePoint v3/v4 based technologies. Provides a file explorer view to a home drive by appending the current users login name (SAMAccountName) to the UNC Path provided. Utilised with Audiences (MOSS only) this can by used based on use...

Dbs-spital-datenbank - Datenbankanwendung für Studentenprojekt - Aufgabe: Spital

Aufgabe Spital (eigene Datenbankanwendung) + Aufgabe Software Entwicklung (SQL-Statements)Die folgenden Punkte sind für Abgabe 1 durchzuführen: (bis 03.05.11)Entwerfen Sie zu Ihrer Datenbankangabe ein ER-Diagramm und diskutieren Sie dieses ausführlich in der Gruppe. Setzen Sie dieses ER-Diagramm in ein Relationenschema um. (Entwurfsdokument Verfeinern Sie dieses Schema unter Beachtung m