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This project provides a startup for a centralized application configuration site.



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Logos-ets - LOGOS IT Services - eTimesheet (ETS)

LOGOS IT Services - eTimesheetWIKI Application Documentation Discussion Table of contentsLOGOS IT Services - eTimesheetTable of contentsTo Submit a Feature or IssueTo submit a feature:To submit a potential issue:Project road mapReleases notesVersion 1.08 - 05/06/2010Version 1.07 - 30/04/2010Version 1.06 - 16/04/2010Version 1.05 - 24/03/2010Version 1.04 - 18/03/2010Version 1.03 - 17/03/2010Version 1.02 - 09/03/2010Version 1.01 - 03/03/2010Version 1.00 - 01/03/2010 To Submit a Feature or IssueTo s

Epg-swiss - create xmltv-files from

Project news 12.27.2010Release 0.9P can now be downloaded . Please give some feedback about the release. What can this shell-script do for me ?Create a xmltv file for applications like myhthv vdr tvheadend tvtime gtvg Is it allowed to mirror a website to a local computer ?Yes ! Inside switzerland any kind of download is allowed as long I use the provided data for personal use only ! Any use of the extracted data other than personal usage or transmitting the produced xml-files to the puplic is ma

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Open Source World of Warcraft Server Emulator Related Projects List DBC, Maps and Vmaps - Download 4.0.6a Build 13623: Download 4.3.0a Build 15050: Download git mirror of the user interface source code for World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft DPS Simulator Various projects and downloads msysGit Downloads TortoiseGit Downloads TortoiseHg Downloads TortoiseSV

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What's new on Release 1.0!!!More features... Very simple to integrate your image analysis techniques into OpenVSS platform using a source code generator, called “VsAnalyser SDK�. OpenCV 2.0 is now completely integrated with your plug-in!!!. More stable platform. Web-based and Mobile-based client will available zoon. IntroductionOpenVSS - Open Platform Video Surveillance System - is a system level video surveillance software based on a Video Analysis Framework (VAF) technology for video analy