Sound Mixer Project

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SoundMixer project it a sound volume manger with lot of stuff, like: - change volume - catch volume change - Api for Both Vista & Xp - Credits: Vista/7 Api :: XP Api ::



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A small, dockable sound-mixer + CD-player for X, designed with the Window Maker dock in mind. Originally written by Oliver Graf, but no longer maintained by him. This project exists to provide on-going support and maintenance for WMRack.

Soundmixer-prototype - sound mixer prototype

this is a sound mixer prototype that mixes mp3 files at different intervals and lines

Dingx - 3D Flash Music Visualization using PV3D and Tweener

This package for Actionscript 3 is designed to facilitate the easy deployment of 3D / 2D sound visualizations for Flash-based music players. Used in conjunction with PV3D and Tweener. See what DingX can do! Type 2 - Type 1 - BoxGrid3D - DingX needs 3 lines of code to implement! 1. Create th