Visual Studio Solution Generator for C# Projects

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This utility generates Visual Studio solutions files and modifies C# project files (.csproj) to change assembly references to project references and vice versa.



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Sln2scons - Python script to convert Visual Studio 2005 solutions to SCons build system

A python script to convert Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 solution files (*.sln) and the associated project files (*.vcproj) into a set of SCons files (SConstruct and SConscript). The class Sln2SCons does all the work, parses the sln and vcproj files and generates a main SConstruct and one SConscript for every project in the solution.

Tools for SLN file (Visual Studio Solution file)

'Tools for SLN File' make it easier for developers to compare, merge or filter the ".sln" files generated by Visual Studio. It's developed in C#.

Biztalk assembly version updater

*Biztalk buid helper * Biztalk buid helper is a command line tool . It increments the version numbers of all btproj's in the visual studio solution(2005). eg usage : c:>BiztalkBuildHelper.exe <solutionname.sln> <newversion>

Raknetdotnet - RakNet bindings for C#

This project makes SWIG interfaces and helper codes. How to use. Add RakNetDotNet.dll to reference of your project. Copy RakNetDotNet.dll and RakNetWrapper.dll in a directory same as .exe How to build. Check out from RakNet30Beta, swig, Ruby extract to top directory. Open RakNetDotNET.sln and build.

Solution template generator

Solution template generator, gets a .SLN file containing multiple projects and then converts it to a .VSIX file.

Jclasslibrarys - j.class.sln

公共类库:string,tree,sendEmail,log wirte 图片: 生�缩略图 并 添加水� 导出office

Fooide - fooIDE is an open-source, collaborative, cross-platform and cross-compiling IDE

fooIDE is being built from Gobby, a collaborative text-editor with syntax-highlighting. Gobby, written in GTK+; has a client/server architecture with a tiny footprint, thus is a perfect base for fooIDE. The following features will be added to convert Gobby into a feature-rich, Collaborative Integrated Development Environment; • C++ Solution file support - .dev, .sln, .cpb + more! • C++ compilation and compiler support - g++ and clang • C++ cross-compilation support - compile binaries for d

Dependency-analyser - Graph the dependency hierarchy between .NET assemblies

A simple WinForms application that displays a directed graph detailing the inheritance hierarchy between a set of .NET assemblies. More information at Screenshot See more screenshots here. FeaturesWill process .exe, .dll and .sln files. Output to PNG or SVG. Print the output directly or with a print-preview. Get InvolvedFound a bug? Please check the issues list and if it doesn't already exist, add it. Have an idea? Again, see if it's on the iss

Qtss-brute - QTss-Brute

QTss-Brute is fast RDP (Terminal Services) bruteforcer, written in C++ (Qt Framework) with use of modified rDesktop code (winRDesktop - win32 port). Now project (before proprietary) is open-source (GPLv3 license). How to build QTss-BruteYou need Qt SDK 4.5+ and MinGW cd to the project directory qmake mingw32-make How to build winRDesktopYou need Visual C++ 2005+ Open .sln solution Build Solution Thanks tometal foofus team roleg .fry community ][akep-magazine crew =) RankoR, ICQ - 2107