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Still deciding on what our projects main goal is



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GenerateMe is a software to generate source code from relational DataBase SQLServer to Oriented Object Model in C# y Java. This version includes ORM as Entity Framework Code First 4.1 and NHibernate 2.2

Microframework-uav - Multicopter based on the .Net Microframework

Multicopter based on the .Net MicroframeworkEntwicklung eines Multicopter. Als Hardware wird ein FEZ Domino verwendet. Software basierend auf dem Microsoft Microframework 4.1, geschrieben in C# Development of a Multicopter. Hardware based on FEZ Domino, a .Net Microframwork based µC. Written in C# Anyone's help is welcome.

Midmid - A Fork of DimDim, Web Conferencing Software

miDmiD is a fork of the popular web conferencing software DimDim. DimDim, the company, abandoned the community edition of the popular software in 2008. This project will host an open source web conferencing suite based from the original DimDim 4.1 code, and will expand its features and functions now that DimDim is officially purchased by SalesForce.

Ditter - A single file drop-in test framework for PHP

Ditter makes writing unit tests for your PHP applications as simple as copying a single file into your project. Just copy the ditter.php file into your tests/ folder, create a test file, point your browser at ditter.php and you're rolling! WARNINGWARNING! Ditter is brand new baby-software, just poking it's little head out of the egg. It sort of does the basics pretty well, but it has bugs. Try it at your own risk. Two second installDownload the latest version and save it as ditter.php in into th

netdomain is a light-weight framework for developing Domain-Driven Design applications in .Net

netdomain is a light-weight framework for developing Domain-Driven Design applications in .Net. netdomain supports developer in creating flexible data access layers according to Domain-Driven Design pattern. The main features of netdomain are: Simplifies the using of persistence frameworks (ORM) Enables and simplifies Test Driven Development Supports LINQ to SQL, ADO .Net Entity Framework 4.0 and 4.1 and NHibernate 3.1 Expandable by any data source supporting Linq Enhances missing functionalitie

Bhj - Blue Hole Software JSON Implementation

Blue Hole JSONFast JSON parsing and writing based on runtime code generation. BHJ works directly with POJOs and does not use intermediate JSON typed objects. To use the Blue Hole JSON library, you will need to include bhj-1.0.0.jar and javassist.jar: the rest is easy... public void testDoc() throws IOException { AddressBook x = new AddressBook(); AddressBook y; JSONWriter writer = new JSONWriter(); JSONParser parser = new JSONParser(); String json; x.setOwner( new Person( "Mary", 41, Sex.FEMALE

Pixie-cms - the small, simple, site maker

Pixie is an open source web application that will help you quickly create and maintain your own website. Many people refer to this type of software as a “content management system�, we prefer to call it a small, simple, website maker. Pixie has been designed to be simple to use and easy to develop for. More information is available at and if you would like to try Pixie, visit the demo site. FeaturesIntuitive web based interface Easy installation Blogging (with RSS feeds) CSS T

Squidlook - SquidLook is a squid log analyzer. It is based on mysar sources.

Warning: squidLook is currently under developement. SVN code is not yet usable for production use.squidLook is a fork of Mysar (see the link at the right). The main modifications are: Optimized importer, at least 40% faster than the original Grouping of users to aggregate statistics Site white-listing to remove trusted websites from statistics in real time Preliminary i18n internationalizing support Yearly, monthly and weekly statistics for all pages Software requirements: Linux system (other sy

I-orm-php - Capa de software de Modelado Objeto Relacional en PHP

iORM PHPSe trata de una capa de software, desarrollada en php, para abstraer el modelado de objetos relacionales de bases de datos de forma independiente al resto de las capas existentes en el desarrollo donde se quiera implantar. Muy útil, sobre todo, cuando tu proyecto siga el esquema Modelo-Vista-Controlador (MVC). Este ORM intenta ser independiente del framework que estés utilizando, si es que usas alguno, y también de la organización de tu código. Este software está desarrollado para

Upvehu41 - Software Ingenieritza

Software ingenieritzako laborategian subversion bertsioak kudeatzeko sistema probatzen ari gara.