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A work-in-progress C# application that emulates the N64 console. This project is targeted for advanced users who want to fiddle with N64 emulation.



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Autogen4cns - This is a CNS auto generate script for your convenience.

A little php scirpt to auto generate a CNS mtf and pdb file.FILES:1)gen #executable php script 2)gen-1.2.inp #an template generate.inp file, you can mod it as your will. SETUP:1)copy the two files to some directory. for example: dir/gen dir/gen-1.2.inp find the string "/soft/Linux-i686_x86_64/wlf_scripts/gen-1.2.inp" and replace it with your gen-1.2.inp file location. 2)set the path env variable of this script USAGE:under a shell command-line: %gen XXX.pdb This script will auto generate a XXX_g.

Haines - Assorted python machine learning stuff

This is basically a dumping ground for the code that I develop for my research. Unlike some researchers I am a firm believer that all source code must be published. Saying this I often omit the code that generated a papers results, simply because I don't have the bandwidth to distribute the data sets or the time to clean up what is often a horrific mess. Regardless, the actual algorithm is always available for people to run their own experiments with, and if you request testing code from me I'll

Mysipphone - MySipPhone is a free soft phone for your voice over IP communcations using the SIP prot

MySipPhone SIP/VoIP application for Windows OS. Features: 1. SIP Voice and Video call 2. STUN support for NAT traversal 3. Multiple codec selection and ordering of codecs 4. Blind call transfer 5. Call transfer with consultation (attended call transfer) 6. Call reject 7. Call Hold 8. System tray icon 9. Mic/Speaker volume control and volume meter Audio and Video Codecs: 1. audio: G.711-ALaw-64k 2. audio: G.711-uLaw-64k 3. video: H.264 4. Supports Plugin Codecs MySipPhone is based on OPAL stack.

Chipmunk-pascal - A Chipmunk binding for FreePascal and Delphi

IntroductionHere you can find Chipmunk header for FreePascal and Delphi, compiled so, dll and dylib for GNU/Linux(i386/x86_64), Windows(i386/x86_64) and MacOS X(x86/PowerPC). Also there are compiled object files for iOS(ARMv6 and ARMv7) and Android(ARMv5 with soft float). This header was started as additional unit for ZenGL. Current supported version of Chipmunk: 5.3.2 How to useAll that you need it's only to call cpLoad( libchipmunk ) before you will call cpInitChipmunk(). But that is needed on

Virtdbg - A kernel debugger based on hardware virtualization features

The purpose of virtdbg is to implement a kernel debugger using the hardware virtualization technology provided by Intel (VT-x). This project is born because when it comes to Windows 7 x64, the available kernel debuggers tend to be very limited. We have WinDbg which is very good but need cooperation of the OS. We can't use it in order to debugging protected parts of the operating system like PatchGuard for example. The other kernel debuggers are local debuggers like !SoftICE, Syser or HyperDbg. I

Aurorabrowser - Aurora Browser project for windows

Benvenuto in AUrora browser , aurora è un browser funzionante sui sistemi operativi windows 32/64 bit. Il sito ufficiale è questo:, per scaricare aurora clicca su download. Altre info: Aurora è il nuovo browswer il futuro browser di webexplorer …. creato in visual basic 2010 … in continuo aggiornamento per un migliore browser sempre piu potente e veloce … Aurora Il Nuovo Browser Velocità E Sicurezza . [Più Sicurrezza Al Vostro Pc] N.B: Per far partire l’installazione

Nerdy - Nerdy Media Centre (Center) is a VLC Based Media Centre

Nerdy is not yet stable for every day use What is Nerdy?Nerdy is an ultra light, ultra fast Media CentrE (Center) born from VLC ActiveX with a soft interface, NerdyMCE. Nerdy is built for Windows XP and Windows 7 32 bit. (x64 support coming) Nerdy utilizes VLC ActiveX integration for blazing performance when compared to alternative Media Center software. Why Nerdy?Boxee, XBMC, WinMCE2005, Win7MC, MediaPortal, Media Center, and every StandAlone Player.... The list goes on and on. Everyone has a d

Geotr - An Enhanced traceroute Utility with Geographical Location Display

IntroThis is a modified traceroute utility, the original source code of which is from net_cmds in Apple's Mac OS X 10.6, with additional geographical location display. Download original source code here. Running RequirementsMac OS X 10.5 or later versions. I'm not sure if it would run properly under OSX 10.4. But it do run correctly in Hacintosh 10.5.x & 10.6. /usr/local/sbin/geotrace: setuid Mach-O universal binary with 3 architectures/usr/local/sbin/geotrace (for architecture x86_64): Mach-O 6

Brute - High performance network traffic generator

Welcome to BRUTE homepage!What is BRUTEBRUTE is the acronym of B rawny and R ob U st T raffic E ngine. It is a user space application running on the top Linux operating system designed to produce high load of customizable network traffic. The design of the software has been driven to achieve high precision and performance in the traffic generation. Currently Brute has been tested on AI32 Intel Pentium, PA-RISC 2.0 (PA8500) and AMD64 Athlon architectures, over both fast and gigabit ethernet. Why

Crux4slack - CRUX ports for Slackware

CRUX ports for Slackware 13, Slackware 13 64-bit, Absolute LinuxCRUX ports for Slackware allow easy quickly install additional software which is not included in Slackware-based distros using CRUX ports Installation crux4slack for Slackware version 13 and Slackware 64 bit and Absolute LinuxDownload crux4slax package Install it by running command: installpkg cruxports4slack-current-noarch-4.txz Fetch