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A simple 3D software rasterizer written in c++ using scan conversion for rasterization. This rendering library will be generic enough to be ported to other platforms mainly portable devices with out 3D hardware support. Soft3D library uses Boost C++ for its foundation.



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SoftPixel Engine

The SoftPixel Engine is an OpenSource high level realtime 3D engine for C++ (GNU C++ amp; VisualC++). It supports Direct3D11, Direct3D9, OpenGL 1.1 - 4.1, OpenGL|ES 1.1 and OpenGL|ES 2.0 and runs on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

Soft3dgwt - draw 3d primitives on 2d canvas using gwt.

draw 3d primitives using 'canvas' tag in html 5. builid html5 using gwt. this prj is tutorial for software renderer to draw 3d.

Red-project - 2D Life-Sim Game Project

IntroductionThe Red Project is a RedSoftWorks 2D game project. The goal is a Life Simulation Game taking elements from games like Sims, GTA, Dwarf Fortress etc... DetailsUsed Libraries : SFML 2.0 wxWidget OpenGL 3 (not sure yet)

Csat - Small C# 3D-library

CSat is a small C# Open Source 3D-library, using OpenTK (C# binding to the OpenGL API). OS: windows, linux, osx Req: at least OpenGL 1.5, but then one have no shaders, fbo etc. Features:should work on GL1.5, GL2, GL3 loads .scene -file (ogre3d fileformat) and setups meshes, lights and camera loads simple .mesh.xml (no animation) and .material files (ogre3d fileformats) loads animated md5-models (doom3 fileformat) loads jpg, png and dds files VBO FBO bitmapFonts billboards skybox camera frustum c


Jet3D is a robust 3D graphics engine built for high performance real-time rendering. Jet3D offers realtime editing, advanced lighting features, 3D modeling support, seamless soft-skin polygonal characters and many other innovations.


An OpenGL GUI for the inspection and segmentation of 3D surface meshes

Sheeplifter - 3D game inspired by Choplifter

OverviewThis is the weird, fun and addictive 3D game, which we have dubbed Sheeplifter, loosely based on Brøderbund's 80es classic Choplifter. To play the game successfully the player must possess a combination of navigation skills and planning ability. As a space wolf from outer space you must abduct all sheep on the volcanic island. By using your abductor beam you can lift sheep from the ground (or water) onto your ship. To complete the abduction, return the sheep to the vortex centrifuge. Th

E3roid - 2D OpenGL game engine for Android

About e3roide3roid is a 2D OpenGL game engine for Android platform. NEW: 07/14/2011 e3roid version 1.2.11 has been released!e3roid version 1.2.2 through 1.2.8 are deprecated because these version contains some issues. It is recommended for everyone to upgrade to the latest version of e3roid. e3roid 1.2.11 delivers:ADD: E3Scene#getHuds to retrieve all HUD sprites ADD: Add support for TMX object layers and properties FIX: Background goes behind after setting background multiple times e3roid 1.2.10


Klimt (formerly known as SoftGL) is a 3D library with a similiar API to that of OpenGL and OpenGL|ES, targeted for mobile devices. We are searching for developers. If you want to join send an email to the project leader.

Sentiwordnet-converter - SentiWordNet v3.0 data converter

Convert SentiWordNet v3.0 CSV(TSV) to SQLite3 Database file Usage: [options]Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -i FILE, --input=FILE Original CSV file -o FILE, --output=FILE Sqlite3 fileDump SentiWordNet v3.0(SQLite3 file) via Japanese WordNet Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -l NUM, --limit=NUM limit of records -o ORDER, --order=ORDER sort order (postive or negative) -y SYNSET, --synset=SYNSET dump based on synset (ex.01586752-a) -p POS, --pos