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Shadow Of Dragon

SoD es un RPG 2D que estaacute; siendo programado en Fenix. No pretende ser un juego con graacute;icos espectaculares, sino maacute;s bien un juego largo y con una histoacute;ria bien definida. Para la construccioacute;n de herramientas adicionales se hace uso de Visual Basic


Turfgrass is a Systems Operations Display (SOD) written as a framework to consume and display events from other systems (such as monitoring tools) in a unified and cohesive manner.

Sort-of-damocles - Sort of Damocles - Demonstrating sort algorithms graphically

Sort of Damocles is an educational tool for demonstrating, testing, and otherwise working with various sorting algorithms. Written in Java, SoD is capable running on almost every operating system on the market today. Adding or modifying sort algorithms is very simple.

Sodzhourubao - sod928zhourubao

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The NO-SOD Project

This Document Management System or DMS is made for regulated industries. Efficient Documents Management System is a web based eDMS with Version control, documents life cycle, approval workflows, audit trail, and employee training record management.

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Ocod-proxy - a proxy that connect to Oracle OCOD and deal with authentication, session, requestwait,

When Dealing with ORACLE CRM On Demand (aka SIEBEL On Demand - CRM On Demand - OCOD - SOD) the authentication is made with a login command like a rest service. Then an sessionId is provided that must be use for all other connection. When using BPEL, or Java code it is handy to have this sessionId management in one place. This project is about this proxy. It connect to Oracle OCOD and deal with authentication and session management. Another limitation of OCOD is that you cannot make 2 request wit

Sod-project-df - Implementarea unui sistem de fisiere distribuit

1. Implementarea unui sistem de fisiere distribuit Tema implica doua aspecte: Proiectarea sistemului de fisiere propriu-zis. Acesta trebuie sa accepte existenta fisierelor si directoarelor. Pentru simplitate, se considera un singur arbore de directoare, iar pentru fiecare fisier/director trebuie pastrat doar un minim de informatii suplimentare in afara numelui (de exemplu data si ora cind a fost creat, dar fara drepturi de acces). Caracterul distribuit consta in faptul ca structura de directoare

sod2png - The program for converting the sod files to png's

The program for converting the sod files to png's

scripts - various odds and sods

various odds and sods