Socks v4 Socket Wrapper

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A short class that supports connecting to servers via SocksV4 Proxy server. Our company has a Socks v4 proxy with no authentication that would not work with the .NET WebProxy class. Thus, this class was born.



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Jsocks-mirror - Pure Java SOCKS client and server mirrored from the sourceforge project

Implements RFC1928 SOCKS protocol in both server and client form. Pure Java implementation that is easy to understand and easy to modify. Some features: RFC1929 SOCKS 5 Auth SOCKS4 protocol Client code supports ATYP = 3 (DNS remote resolution). Full server implemenation. Its easy to create SOCKS servers that have custom authentication and firewall mechanisms. This is a great way to write custom VPN type software: This is a mirror from the JSOCKS sourceforge project. That project has had no updat