Social Media for .NET

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The Social Media for .NET provides a rich set of unified object-oriented interfaces and classes to make API calls to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.



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buddycloud - Sharing, discovering, communicating. Magically simple.

buddycloud is designed as a completely new way to share online: your buddycloud channel connects you to the world's realtime conversation. Follow topic channels and plug into a community of experts. Create your own topic channels and share them with the world - or make them private and choose who can view them.

Locateforme - A simple website that utlizes geo location js API

This project uses geo location API to retrieve interesting places or events around you

Spreadjs - Spread JS is a simple Javascript utility for the social web

Simple javascript utility to make easier to spread, share or save content into the new media.

Finishthissentence - Finish This Sentence

Small social media web application prompts people to finish a sentence started every week. Allows voting, sorting and searching. Code Igniter, jQuery, Twitter API.

Personal Social Network using mvc and mongodb

FirstRooster is a network platform that let user create their own social network of interest to connect and share with like minded people anywhere.

Locamedia - Geographic grounding of social media to particular locations

Automatically determine the real-world location of tweets and other social media (also Wikipedia, etc.) based on the text of the tweets, the follower/followee graph of the tweeter, etc.


This project aggregates content from social media and a variety of web based sources, relating to stock-markets. The design is module based, and provides a good basis for other portal aggregation projects. It is a great platform for amateur investors / traders to use within th...

Ontowiki - OntoWiki is a Semantic Data Wiki enabling the collaborative creation and (linked data) pu

This Project is moved to github: got 500 errors for many weeks so we decided to move to a new foss platform. issues: wiki:

P2p-fusion - P2P-Fusion, legal, creative re-use.

The P2P-FUSION project develops a new software system, Fusion, that supports audiovisual creative activities and makes it easy for anyone to create, reuse and share audio and video productions over the internet legally, without costly servers and complicated system management. Fusion binds together a peer-to-peer network, a distributed semantic database, social enrichment features, audiovisual production and editing software, support for embedded licenses and a social media application toolkit i

Wicketpixie - A Free Premium Social Media WordPress theme

WicketPixieA free premium Social Media WordPress theme provided by Chris Pirillo. Where Is Everything?As great as it is, we do not use Google Code's features to host WicketPixie. Instead, we make use of the following: WicketPixie GitHub - The location of our code repository, issue tracker, and download system, all hosted by the awesome folks at GitHub.