SoapClient c#

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Simple c# live soap client. No need to create or use proxy classes. It parses WSDL and get a simplified definition, then use webclient to call webservice. It doesn't work with complex types (definitions in xsd) and not with wcf (soapAction parsing). maybe it could he...



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Jira-php-soapclient - Jira PHP SoapClient

This projects creates a wrapper around the Jira SOAP API 4.01. Most of this code is created directly from the WSDL source.

Nusoap-for-php5 - A modified version of the NuSOAP PHP library for use with PHP5

NuSOAP for PHP 5 modifies the NuSOAP library so that it doesn't have a class name conflict with the PHP5 soap extension. NuSOAP's class name is 'soapclient'. PHP5 includes a SOAP extension whose class name is also 'soapclient'. As a result, you effectively can't use NuSOAP with PHP5. NuSOAP for PHP5 simply changes the class name to 'soapclientnusoap'.

Servicenowsoapclient - PHP implementation for Service Now Soap Client

Provide a base class ServiceNowSoapClient to use phps soapclient class and interact with service now. Additional classes will include incident, user, choice list interactions etc to provide a web server with ability to interact with service now via php.

Wsdl2php-interpreter - PHP Library for WSDL Interpretation, creates PHP 5 classes from WSDL document

WSDLInterpreter is a library that creates PHP 5 classes based on a WSDL document. Unlike other wsdl2php solutions, WSDLInterpreter utilizes the WSDL document as its source of information, as opposed to the native SoapClient interpretation of the WSDL document. This allows for proper class inheritance, naming convention correction, and method overloading with proper method signature verification using strict type checking. Now out of beta! Download today! For more information, visit The new wsdl2

Php-sf-api - Calls Sales force partner wsdl web services

Sales force provides various webservices. It has been implemented in php. I have written a class with which we can call salesforce web services. This is first version. I will update as i go further.

My-javascript-tools - JavaScripを使用���手製ツール群

JavaScriptを使用���手製ツールを管������。 soapclient 公開�れ���soapclient.jsを�用�カスタマイズ��も�。

Ripcord - simple php rpc library

Ripcord is an attempt to create an RPC client and server around PHP's xmlrpc library which is as easy to use as possible. You can create xml-rpc, (simplified) soap 1.1 and simple rpc clients with one call and then call rpc methods as if they were local methods of the client. You can create a server with one call, passing it any number of objects whose methods it will publish and automatically document. It is not an attempt to create a full blown SOAP client or server, it has no support for any o

Php-wsdl-creator - Generate WSDL from PHP and optional run a SOAP server

PhpWsdlI started to develop my own WSDL generator for PHP because the ones I saw had too many disadvantages for my purposes. The main problem - and the main reason to make my own WSDL generator - was receiving NULL in parameters that leads the PHP SoapServer to throw around with "Missing parameter" exceptions. F.e. a C# client won't send the parameter, if its value is NULL. But the PHP SoapServer needs the parameter tag with 'xsi:nil="true"' to call a method with the correct number of parameters

Droidsoapclient - A simple soap client for Android

DroidSoapclient facilitates the development of Android applications that communicate with Web Services. Used in conjunction with the tool KSOAP2, developer you will not have much more work. Enjoy and contribute. A example: /*Follow the method "soma" in Servico.jws published in AXIS: * \tpublic class Servico {\t\t\tpublic String soma(int valor1, int valor2) {\t\t\t\tint result = valor1 + valor2;\t\t\treturn String.valueOf(result);\t\t\t} \t}*/package;import

Mac-soapclient - Graphical SOAP/WSDL client for OS X

SOAP Client SOAP Client uses WSDL files you provide to dynamically create a graphical user interface for any given SOAP-based web service. Here's how: Find a SOAP-based web service that also has an accompanying WSDL description file. Launch SOAP Client 1.0 and paste the URL of a remote WSDL file into the 'WSDL' text field, or download the WSDL file to your local system and find it using the 'Browse' Button. Click the 'Parse' button. Watch in wonder as SOAP Client dynamically builds a graphical u