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Related Projects

Markdown-pages - A simple online markdown editor aimed at print output

This website creates markdown formatted text files. The files are accompanied with css information for decent printouts suitable for small documents. Just like Pages on a Mac prints wonderful documents, this aims to be beautiful but without any tweaking -- just simple markdown so the focus is on content, not formatting. Components (each with their respective liscenses): Markdown Extra SmartyPants with Typography W2 Wiki Control.textarea and Prototype.js FamFamFam Silk Icons Blueprint CSS

Smartypants-j - Bridging Guice, BlazeDS, and Adobe Flex

Java library to make creating back-end systems for Adobe Flex easier.

Python-indesign - Converts simple HTML files to Indesign-readable XML

Coming soon, once I clean it up a bit. This is one stab at filling in a gap in the Web-to-press workflow. The package provides a simple function that will transform a simple, stripped-down HTML page generated by your Python-powered CMS into an Indesign-readable XML file that makes use of the paragraph and character stylesheets your production department is already using. Requires BeautifulSoup. Optionally uses SmartyPants for easy smart quotes, em dashes, ellipses and etc.

Typography-helper - Set of small filters to facilitate better typography in Rails views (RHTML) or M

A set of filters to provide CSS typographical hooks to Rails views (RHTML) or Mephisto template (Liquid). It's basically a Ruby port of the Typogrify template filters for Django. I don't know much about Typography, but I do know that curly quotes look better than straight ones, that HTML entities look better than plain-text, and that Django users shouldn't have all the fun. See an Example of Typography Helper in action. Included filters: Widon't (widont) RubyPants (rubypants) Initial quotes wrap

Smartypants-ioc - Dependency Injection framework for Flex

SmartyPants IOCWelcomeWelcome to the main repository for SmartyPants IOC, which is a dependency injection framework designed for use with Adobe Flex. Why SmartyPants?There are a few IOC frameworks around at the moment: Prana (now Spring Actionscript) was probably the first serious DI framework for Flex to get much notice. There's also Swiz, and others. What sets Smartypants apart from these frameworks? The competition is (mostly) inspired by Spring, whereas SmartyPants is inspired by Guice. This

Smarty-pants - Automatic playlist generator for Songbird

This is a sidebar with functionality similar to Genius from iTunes. You can select one or more tracks in your library and Smarty Pants will find tracks that are similar. It is split up into three tabs, the first shows the songs in your library, which you can play in Songbird or save as a playlist. The second has recommended songs that are not in your library, which can opened and played in The third is a list of recommended artists along with albums from those artists that are not in yo

Typogrify - A set of Django template filters to make caring about typography on the web a bit easier

NoteTypogrify 1.0! Bug fixes, support for Django's autoescaping, and a new titlecase filter. important note about Typogrify's handling of autoecaping: All typogrify filters (except for the new titlecase) mark their output as "safe". This means you should only use them on input you trust or have cleaned somehow. if you'd like to use them on user content like comments please run them through |force_escape or |markdown:"safe" on them first. Please use version 0.2 if you're still on Django 0.96. Abo

python-smartypants - Releases of the python smartypants library

Releases of the python smartypants library

smarten - smartypants inspired typography helper

smartypants inspired typography helper

nusmartypants - SmartyPants ported to Nu.

SmartyPants ported to Nu.