smartspace v2

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smartspace v2



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Peces - PErvasive Computing Embedded Systems Middleware

A set of middleware services built on top of the 3PC BASE Communication Middleware to support the dynamic formation of smart spaces that can interact across the internet. BasicConcepts - A brief description of the basic concepts of PECES. AddressingConcepts - A detailed description of the addressing concepts. CommunicationConcepts - A detailed description of the communication concepts. ContextConcepts - A detailed description of the context-related concepts. SecurityConcepts - A detailed descrip

Ndfs2 - The NIST Data Flow System II (NDFS-II)

This is the development support site for the NIST Data Flow System II Public Domain Project. Funded by the US Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). IMPORTANT NOTE:This is NOT, the Primary Website for the NIST Data Flow System II. You can find the primary website at What is NDFS-II?The NIST Data Flow System II (NDFS II) is a middleware for sensor data acquisition, transport and distributed processing. It was originally develo

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