Smartgrid Smartmeter GRYD

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The GRYD smartgrid and Smartmeter project shows features and capabilities like Demand Response, Smart Home Appliance Load Curtailments, DMS integration with SCADA etc. GRYD, is to teach you the technology, this is only for personal use and not commercial use.



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Smart-meter-information-portal - An online environment that allows researchers to collect, preserve,

The Smart Meter Information Portal is an online environment that assists with the collection, preservation, access and visualization of the data from smart meter devices. The project that developed this portal was funded by the Australian National Data Service ( The portal was developed by members of the eResearch Services Team at Griffith University, Australia.

Powermetermonitor-node-0-avr - Monitors the household smart electricity meter LED flashes, which cod

AVR firmware for the remote node on a wireless sensor network whose task is to monitor household power loading and use by monitoring the smart electricity meters LED flashes. Instantaneous power loading and total cummulative power use information is reported to a central controller, eventually via a cheap 433MHz wireless low bit rate data link. The plan is to have additional nodes that perform other tasks, such as environmental monitoring (e.g temperature) and active control of electrical applia

Measureit - Smart Meter Current Cost database server and webfrontend to display voltage data

Measureit allows you to have your own server to store your voltage and temperature data. It has a easy to use web interface that is completely written in javascript and jquery to see your power consumption. Currently it works with the hardware from with the cc128 ( Envi ) You are able to see the detailed consumption in real time or see your consumption from the last week or from a user defined time range and has a overview of the energy consumption and cost per sensor / sensor po


Eyecandy stuff like a smartmeter


This is a smartmeter plugin for HouseAgent. This requires a smartmeter with an open and accessible P1 port.

smartermeter - A ruby library to access PG&E SmartMeter data

A ruby library to access PG&E SmartMeter data