SmartGrid- StreamInsight / AppFabric Integrtation

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Smart Stream is a community based effort on creating high performance solutions leveraging the Microsoft Complext Event Processing engine, StreamInsight, and the Application Integration platform of AppFabric.



Related Projects

Smart-grid-energy-management - An energy management solution over smart grids

Università degli Studi di Catania - 2011 Course: Advanced Programming Techniques Riccardo Pulvirenti - Giuseppe Ravidà This project treats the energy distribution proccess over smart grids, balancing the load and providing an optimized energy discovery protocol over the grid. The grid is modeled as a P2P network using Microsoft WCF over C#.

The Open Source Phasor Data Concentrator

The openPDC is a complete Phasor Data Concentrator designed to sort, process and archive streaming time-series data in real-time.

Smartgrid Smartmeter GRYD

The GRYD smartgrid and Smartmeter project shows features and capabilities like Demand Response, Smart Home Appliance Load Curtailments, DMS integration with SCADA etc. GRYD, is to teach you the technology, this is only for personal use and not commercial use.

E-services-gwt-676 - GWT project of the smart metering

This is our terrific projet, using Mercurial as version control.

Smart-grid-emulator - Linked Data Generator for emulating data circulation in the Smart Grid.

Smart Grid EmulatorThe Smart Grid Emulator project generates realistic random electric usage data, thereby emulating the Smart Grid. The project is a co-operation between Andreas Harth, Andreas Wagner at AIFB and Sebastian Richter at WechselFuchs. NavigationCommand-line interface Data generation mechanisms Description of the output References CommunitySign up to the mailing list by emailing Visit us at

Sprime - simple powerline remote interactive monitor and enforcer

Be able to monitor your power and control it using a simple outlet device. You can track power usage data using a web application on your computer. You can also see and control your power usage using your own mobile device. SPRIME was featured on! Link

Amr-grapher - Automated Meter Reader Grapher

This project is a Processing sketch that currently talks with the excellent AMRUSB-1 device created by Grid Insight and creates logs, graphs and calculations to show how much electricity your home is using over time. The sketch is best used by letting it run continuously for long periods of time. In this current version things get a bit messed up if you don't have it running continuously, including if your computer goes to sleep. But when I say messed up, I mean visually. It will simply mean tha

Dnp3 - Distributed Network Protocol 3.0

GoalThe goal of this project is to provide the utility industry with a production-ready reference implementation of Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3) under a commercially compatible license. The feature evolution will be driven by community involvement. SupportA Google Group is used for mail lists and archived discussion. Users requests and developer feedback can be posted to this list. Developers are friendly and quick to respond. We may choose to split this list into users/developers as the

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