Ribbon for Silverlight

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Silverlight Ribbon is a free silverlight UI control (or graphical user interface widget) composed of a strip across the top of a window that exposes all functions that an your web application can perform in a single place.




Related Projects

Silverlight Ribbon

A silverlight implementation of the Office 2007 Ribbon control.

Noboru - Silverlight 3 Controls

Noboru (Japanese for ascend) is a library of Silverlight 3 based controls. Our goal is to give programmers a set of RIA controls that allow Office 2010 like user interfaces. The controls are implemented in C# and target Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Studio 3.


Time Ribbon is intended for applications working with time scheduling like planners. Development technologies are WPF & Silverlight.

arcgis-templates-silverlight - Project templates for the ArcGIS API for Silverlight

[Frosted Tabs](http://serverapps102.esri.com/SampleGallery/FrostedTabs/Web/)[![image](https://raw.github.com/Esri/arcgis-templates-silverlight/master/FrostedTabs.png "FrostedTab template")](http://serverapps102.esri.com/SampleGallery/FrostedTabs/Web/)[Glass](http://serverapps102.esri.com/SampleGallery/Glass/Web/)[![image](https://raw.github.com/Esri/arcgis-templates-silverlight/master/Glass.png "Glass template")](http://serverapps102.esri.com/SampleGallery/Glass/Web/)[Menu Ribbon](http://servera