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Simple game "billard"



Related Projects

Javaslimegame - java game

Java game based on the original 'slime-game' (a popular internet volleyball game involving two 'slime' characters).

Slimegames-to-js - Convert Java Slime Games to JavaScript

This project is part of Seneca Game Development Club. An attempt to convert the famous Java game called Slime Games to JavaScript.

Slimeslayer - 2D arcade shooting game

Slime Slayer Slime Slayer is an arcade shooting game coded in Java with Slick and LWJGL libraries. Your goal is to defeat 20 waves of evil slimes. There is a new slime type each level, and a boss slime every 5 levels. There are 12 weapons that you can buy and upgrade from level 1 to level 5. You can equip up to 3 weapons. Good luck! Controls WASD or Arrows : Move Left mouse buttons : Shoot weapon assigned to Left button Right mouse buttons : shoot weapon assigned to Right button Shift : Defend (


SlimeRefresh looks like UIRefreshControl in iOS6, SlimeRefresh can also run on iOS4.0 and later , and SlimeRefresh can action on UIScrollView.

Holeman - You must gather up crystals while avoiding deadly slimes by using portable holes.

You are a scientist aboard a spaceship on a mission to explore strange new worlds. Unfortunately, the ship is running out of energy crystals. Luckily a planet that has energy crystals was just discovered. Of course, this planet is covered with deadly semi-intelligent slime. The decision is made to send down an expendable crew member to gather these crystals. Guess who that crew member is?


NetworkSlime is an network version of SlimeVolleyball. Two slimes compete in a game of volleyball.

vim-slime - A vim plugin to give you some slime. (Emacs)

A vim plugin to give you some slime. (Emacs)

Hamsterwrench - A Java-based set of tools for the OHRRPGCE

This will be a set of tools for making files for the OHRRPGCE ( This project is geared toward making a comprehensive RPG file editor that will be compatible with the latest version of the OHR software. Links:OHR engine specifics HW's Slime Salad thread Current versionDev. A version will be considered "compatible" when a new file made in HamsterWrench can be opened in CUSTOM.EXE without any errors. GUI barely started Lump Manager mostly finished

Mucomp - Music player written in clojure

A browser-based (jQuery) music player with a server written in clojure. Uses alsaplayer to play music. The player uses heavily and was written as a fun project to learn clojure. The reasoning for the design can be found in the following blog posts 1, 2, 3 and 4 To run it, check out the source. You need to have JRE and alsaplayer installed. Then go to web/ and run Then connect with Emacs using slime and execute to first 3 things in load.clj. After that the web server is runn