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SlimDXControl is a WPF control that wraps the complexity of managing a D3DImage for you. You just have to implement the actual DirectX rendering piece -- no messing about with device management or IsFrontBufferAvailableChanged.



Related Projects

Ultraslimdx9 - Derivative work from slimDX, only for DX9, and with faster math.

SlimDX provides a complete solution for anything multimedia related. This project is a trimmed down SlimDX for people who only need Dx9 and want a more flexible solution for their interop' needs. It also features a significantly faster and streamlined math library.


Minecraft style terrain engine in SharpDX, SlimDX, C# XNA 4.0

Slimmesh - Mesh loading library for managed applications.

SlimMesh is an open source library for loading, rendering, and animating models in managed applications. It is designed to be rendering API agnostic, meaning it is equally usable from SlimDX, OpenTK, or any other managed graphics system. A SlimDX renderer is included to both demonstrate the library's features as well as allow it to be usable out of the box. Brought to you by the SlimDX group.


JigLibSDX is JigLibX (Open Source C# XNA 3D physics engine) changed to work with with SlimDX. It's currently synchronized to JigLibX's change set 28770 (Sep 18 2009).

Peridotnet - SlimDX rendering based 3D engine.

A learning experience on building a high performance .NET/SlimDX based engine with support for Lua scripting, easy networking, custom tools, etc.

Snowball 2D Game Framework

Snowball is an in progress 2D Game Framework written in C#. It uses SlimDX under the covers but the underlying technology is abstracted away from the end user.

Slimmath - API independent math library for managed applications.

SlimMath is a generalized managed-only version of the math library in SlimDX. It aims to be usable from all .NET languages and rendering APIs. Eventually SlimGen will be integrated with SlimMath to provide heavily optimized SIMD implementations for many of the math functionality contained within. Brought to you by the SlimDX group.

Slimgen - A framework for injecting high performance assembly into the .NET Framework 2.0

SlimGen is an open source application designed to allowed application developers to inject high performance assembly into their .NET Framework 2.0 applications without the overhead of PInvoke calls nor C++/CLI interop wrappers. Brought to you inpart by the SlimDX group. Although Mike Popoloski's atrocious math code is not allowed here.

Upsilon - Easy to use Rendering Engine using SlimDX

Upsilon will be a relatively simple rendering engine. It will simplify to the process of 3D Device creation/resets, resource loading, scene graph management, and rendering. It is designed to be small, efficient, and allow users to make games faster and easier than using straight APIs.

Slimdx - A framework for DirectX based applications in the .NET Framework 2.0 and up.

SlimDX is a free open source framework that enables developers to easily build DirectX applications using .NET technologies such as C#, VB.NET, and IronPython. It is designed to be an efficient, simple, and lean wrapper that fully encompasses all of Microsoft's gaming and multimedia technologies and exposes them to managed code. All of the code is under the MIT/X11 license, and all content is under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. Please note that while SlimDX is similar to