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A slide puzzle.



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Ironboundsoftware - Public code from Iron Bound Software

This is the code that Iron Bound Software is making available to the public. Before this was scattered about all over the internet, now its all in one nice spot. All of this code is provided as is, no promises on anything working. Use at your own risk. Basically there are two things: graphing and utilities. Graphing: Some utilities I've been working on to do graphing in python. Right now there are two main things: clouds and networks. The clouds source directory contains some code to read text,

gdd2011slidepuzzle - GDD2011 Slidepuzzle quiz - Java implementation

GDD2011 Slidepuzzle quiz - Java implementation


slidepuzzle in c++. student project.

SlidePuzzle - GDD2011 DevQuiz SlidePuzzle

GDD2011 DevQuiz SlidePuzzle

SlidePuzzle - GDD2011jp DevQuiz SlidePuzzle

GDD2011jp DevQuiz SlidePuzzle

f-slide - slidepuzzle for Fukui - powered by

slidepuzzle for Fukui - powered by


A simple slide puzzle in Python and Pygame

SlidePuzzle - Javascript Slide Puzzle

Javascript Slide Puzzle

SlidePuzzle - 「androidで動くゲームの作り方入門」のサンプルプログラム