SilverLight Application Framework

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Silverlight Application Framework including Sl4, MEF, prism and Reusable Assets.



Related Projects


The Widget Set for Super-Light Applications is a minimalist GUI toolkit written in Pascal. Rendering backends include Xlib, SDL and DirectFB. Visit our trac wiki for more information and updates:


HuMuS (the Human Music Surface) is an integrated environment for (real-time) sequencing and composition. Based on the WiSeSLAp widget set and other existing technologies. Visit our trac wiki for more information:

Cnetmegamanprj - C# Megaman Editor

Megaman editor slapped together by Matrixz and PhantomIceberg9.

Slaptight - PHP library for MySQL providing a TRUE Object Oriented interface to the database.

SlapTightSlapTight is a set of classes that provide live and realtime access to a set of MySQL query results. These results can be retrieved from the database in realtime. Changes to the result set can also update to the database in realtime.

Theslap-engine - The Slap is a facebook application that runs on Google App Engine

The Slap EngineWhat is it ?The slap is a facebook application that runs on Google App Engine. now this application is totaly opensource. DependenciesPython 2.4 or 2.5 Google App Engine SDK > 1.2.3 Django 1.0 pyfacebook

Porcibot - Simple IRC Bot written in Perl

Porcibot is a simple IRC Bot written in Perl. It is capable of general user management functions (!kick !ban !op) and some fun stuff (!slap !hug...).

Fizzle - Super Simple Distributed computing API

Super Simple Distributed computing API, with a basic JMS implementation. For more info, read the article. I slapped an Apache license on it for folks to use Fizzle if they choose. Really Fizzle is just an attempt at demonstrating a very simple approach to a complex task. No 'clouds' or 'dynamic classloading' here...

Django-jchat - jQuery powered chat application for the Django framework

A "simple" Django 1.0 application that supports basic chat features, like: sending messages join/leave notifications Other features are on the way system notifications special events actions (like in IRC's... "/me slaps john with a trout!") Use it, share it, improve it, tell me if you liked it, and of any possible improvements. README here: README Documentation Checkout (or download) the code and run the project (like the README says) Read my blog post regarding how the django-jchat app works.

Slapstick - Cross platform audio player for USB flash drives

Simple, low-tech audio player for your USB flash drive.Simple no frills curses interface with simple free text or regex search and track queuing functionality. Only supports mp3. Slap can run anywhere Python is installed and an mpg123 binary can be obtained or compiled. It's a portable mp3 player that fits on your USB stick. Known to work on: Windows XP OS X 10.4.10 FreeBSD 6.2 Linux

Jmirc-moded-pl - JmIRC moded By Stogu and Dyshoo with Polish Translation

This is a little modification of JmIRC (Irc client for mobile phones written in Java). Modyfikacje w wersji 1.0 (bazowana na wersji 0.95 JmIRC): Zmiana jednostek w liczniku z bajtów na kilobajty (Stogu) Do listy użytkowników dodano akcję SLAP (Stogu) Do głównego menu dodano opcję "Na Fonie" która wyświetla wiadomość o tym, że użytkownik pisze z telefonu (Stogu) Przetłumaczono na język Polski (Stogu, Dyshoo)