SL2 - A Scala interpreter for L2

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A simple L2 Interpreter. Just a project for a class.



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Rtm2 - rtm

rtm rtm sldsdg sl;g;sskgs;sgkns sglsg

Njiax - Nomasystems Java IAX2

IAX2 library developed in Java by Nomasystems s.l.

P2psl - p2p into Secondlife

Can share your file in Secondlife. DownloadGo to

MetroButton with Converter Image SVG2XAML Silverlight

- Control library SL4 with Button Metro Style - Windows application for download and convert SVG to Resource.xaml for silverlight

RSTEIN Posterous API C# Wrapper

Posterous C# API wrapper-for Silverlight (SL 4) & .NF 3.5 & WP7 Only Posterous API 1.0 is supported. Included is project "Posterous backup" - Simple example that demonstrates use of API wrappper. Machine translation of my article about API: Enjoy

Huazhoutv-invoice-system - a powered-by-django invoice system for huazhou tv

a powered-by-django invoice system for huazhou tv. Project developers: 1. Maxim Mai - <> 2. Zhiming Chen - <>

WPF and Silverlight BookControls

[New]: the solutions now contains a silverlight project which provides the equivalent turn page control for the silverlight technology (SL 2 RTM). The WPFBookControl is an ItemsControl that brings the turning page experience to Windows Presentation Foundation. The control is

Js-sl - The JavaScript Standard Library

The JavaScript Standard Library poses as a proposal for a universal standard toolset for the JavaScript language. As of its 1.5 version, JavaScript is a powerful and robust language, but it lacks, on top of its neat design, some control structures and paradigms that may help to build concrete applications, and some restrictions and structural specifications to guide the horde of developers on the path to Great Code. The JS-SL tries to fill this gap by providing a load of tools and object-oriente


XN4SL is a library dedicated to port XNA 2D games to the Silverlight platform.

Secondlife2java - Call java methods over the Internet, intended for use with Second Life.

The server runs and calls methods that are specially created to take String paramters, as the target calling system, Second Life, does not support object oriented design in its built in scripting language, LSL. Early ReleasesThe main library (As a BlueJ Project) is SecondLife2 1-15-07 and a featured download on the right The main testing code is GPL Licensed and available on the download page as SL_MBCS 1-15-07 The Second Life LSL code can also be found in the download se