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Chantra-game - SIPA Open Games + SIPA 3D Game Creation System

Are you like to play video games ? Are you interesting to be a game developer ? If your answer is "Right", don't miss this 2 CDs project. SIPA Open Games is a pack of open source games from all genres and around the world. We collected for thai gamers. Coming soon !!! SIPA 3D Game Creation System is a pack of game development essential tools, included game engine, 3d authoring tools, music composing tools, document and video tutorials. We wish your dream to create a game by yourself became true.

Chantra - Chantra CD ROM bundle the top 33 of open source softwares

AboutChantra is a collection of open-source software for the Microsoft Windows operating system, similar to OpenDisc, by the Software Industry Promotion Agency (SIPA) in Thailand. The CD in each release contains programs in numerous categories including software development, games, Internet browsing, multimedia, office and productivity, security, text editing, and utilities. An iso image of the CD can be downloaded. Alternatively, anyone can collect a copy of the CD from the SIPA offices. Stable

Suriyan - Suriyan is delivered distribution from Ubuntu, developed by and local c

Suriyan is delivered distribution from Ubuntu, developed by and local community in Thailand. Suriyan is a complete and ready desktop operating system. You can use it as Live CD or install to your machine. Suriyan is supported by Software Industry Promotion Agency (Public Organization) a.k.a SIPA. Suriyan 54.04 Hawk-Eye ~ DVDLive DVD : suriyan-54.04-i386.iso MD5SUM : 3fa49b3247aaeb70b6c8616b02149ec0 Suriyan 53.11 Demon Child ~ DVDLive DVD : suriyan-53.10.iso MD5SUM : 1526b4562d

Sleepytypetool - จัดตำà¹�หน่ง à¹�à¸�้ไข สระลอย วรรณยà¸

Pleasemore money = more free time = more free code! บริจาคเงินให้ผู้จัดทำ = คนทำมีเวลาว่าง = มีโปรà¹�à¸�รมฟรีมาให้ใช้เรื่อยๆ Featureà¹�à¸�้สระลอย, จัดตำà¹�หน่งตำà¹�หน่งสระ/วรรณยุà¸�ต์ ที่ลอย หรือทับหาง (AS2, AS3) à¹�à¸�้ไขปัà¸�หาà¸�ารà¹�สดงผล à¸� ในà

App-sipa - sipa - yet another pcap sniffer for sip

sipa - yet another pcap sniffer for sip

sipas - Sistema de Participação Social

Sistema de Participação Social